1st Jul 2010

Death Warrant (1990)

Other mistake: At the board meeting near the beginning, it's noticeable that there is a smoky haze in the room, and this is also very noticeable in several close-up scenes, where this smoke haze can be seen wafting behind them. It's far too thick and too prevalent to be considered steam from the coffee, however no-one appears to be smoking, and there's not even an ashtray on the table.


Other mistake: When Ricky confronts the mother superior in the dining room, Ricky raises the axe above his head and brings it straight down in one single motion. Both Ricky and the mother superior are facing each other. At that angle, it would have been impossible for Ricky to decapitate her. At best her head would have been cleaved in half, but not decapitated.


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