9th Aug 2008

The Thing (1982)

Corrected entry: The second time MacReady and co. visit the Norwegian outpost, they visit the crash site of "The Thing's" massive spacecraft. It has been buried in the snow for millions of years and is some 100 foot beneath snow level. But the ice coffin the Norwegian find "The Thing" in, some distance from the crash site, is buried in, at the most, a few meters of snow.

Correction: At no point in the movie is it referenced to how long the ship has been there. Norris simply says that the ice the ship is buried in is 100,000 years old at least, not millions. The ship crashed into the ice and this could have happened at any time. The ice it crashes into and finally rests in will still be 100,000 years old. Back at base MacReady says that the occupant was thrown out or crawls out and then freezes. If so it would have already been at a higher level than the crater the ship was in . Therefore The Thing would not be buried as deep.


2nd Jul 2003

Robocop 2 (1990)

Corrected entry: Cain's eyes are brown for most of the film. They turn green when we see his eyes and brain in the glass tube, and again on the RoboCop 2 interface screen. (01:09:23)


Correction: Not really true. At the start of the movie Cain's face is covered either with shadow (or just low light) and his pupils are very large, so you can't really see what colour his eyes are. They may look brown or hazel, however when Robocop is hanging on to the Bomb Disposal van with Cain driving, you can see that his eyes have a definite green colour.


15th Mar 2005

Robocop 2 (1990)

Corrected entry: Robocain is able to penetrate the armored truck with cash in it killing the boy, yet, his chain gun does minimal damage to Robocop and none at all to the armored car Louis uses to pin him to the wall near the end. Is he firing armor-piercing rounds or not?

Correction: The difference with this is that the truck really isn't an armoured truck in the true sense, but a bomb disposal van, as written on the side. Cain and co are just using them as armoured trucks, probably to avoid undue attention. When Robocop finds Hob in the back, you can see where the bullets have passed through the walls of the van and they are quite thin. The walls of a police armoured car can be at least 3 inches thick and are designed against armour piercing rounds as is Robocops' armour. However as we don't really see the police armoured car take any bullet damage, we can't assume that it hasn't, we just know that Lewis didn't get hurt in the process.


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