julie sheridan

24th Oct 2004

The Mummy (1999)

Corrected entry: When Evie is in the library putting the books back she leans over to put a book on the opposite shelf, the ladder moves and she drops the book. Although the book was not that heavy it still would have made a noise but the sound is barely audible.

julie sheridan

Correction: That's because the creaking of the ladder and Evie's gasps were too loud for us to hear the book, in terms of editing/audio.

Conversations With Dead People - S7-E7

Corrected entry: When Willow is talking to Cassie in the UC Sunnydale University Library, Cassie said she was sent to talk to her by Tara. Cassie says "she still sings the song you sang to each other on the bridge", referring to "Once More with Feeling". But Willow only sang 2 lines in the that episode. In "I've Got a Feeling", she sang "Ive got a feeling some kid is dreaming and were all stuck inside this wacky broadway nightmare", and in "Walk Through the Fire", she sang "I think this line's mostly filler".

julie sheridan

Correction: Willow & Tara sing "Under your spell" in a park somewhere in Sunnydale. Part of the song takes place on a bridge going over a pond.

25th Jan 2005

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Corrected entry: Mary is flying on a hoover vacuum. The hoover is in mid-air and making the sounds that hoovers make when they are plugged in. How could this happen if she is flying and not plugged into a power source?

julie sheridan

Correction: She's a witch, she most likely can turn it off with her magic.

Corrected entry: Mr. Whitmore tells Milo the crew that is to go in search of Atlantis is the original crew that went in search of the Shepherd's Journal. However, when the crew are all talking at bed time (when they invite Milo to join them), Audrey says she had never met Milo's grandfather. In Mr. Whitmore's photograph, Milo's grandfather is standing at the back of the photograph.

julie sheridan

Correction: Audry didn''t go on the expedition to find the Shepard's Journal. She explains that she got the job after her father retired.

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