Corrected entry: In the scene where Boromir is holding the hilt of the sword Narsil in Rivendale when he moves his hand up to the tip and cuts his finger there is a close up on his fingers and the one next to the one with the drop of blood has a small line of blood on it as well, it probably came from an earlier take. (01:23:22)

Correction: He cut both fingers.

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Corrected entry: In the high angle wide shot of the Nazgul in a V-formation chasing Arwen and Frodo, there are only eight of them. Granted, the last one could have joined the chase afterwards, but he either would have had to have a horse that was much faster than the others, since there is no sign of him behind them, or he'd have to be waiting for them all in the trees ahead. But if so, he never jumped in front of them, which would make a lot more sense, but just joined the chase behind them.


Correction: This is in corrections already - in fact has the distinction of being the first correction I ever submitted. The book states that there were only 8 Ringwraiths chasing Frodo, until they near the Ford, and the 9th one comes out of the woods near the road.

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Corrected entry: At the birthday party at the beginning of the film, Frodo pushes Sam onto the dance floor and into Rosie Cotton's arms. As they go sweeping off to the right, you see the musicians in the background. For an instant (more visible in freeze-frame), there's an object that looks strikingly like a modern bottle of mineral water by one of them. (00:20:37)

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Correction: I've already corrected this once - the object is far away, indistinct, and VERY similar in shape to the pottery vases on the tables throughout the scene. IMHO not a mistake. :)

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Corrected entry: The Horn Of Gondor worn by Boromir is seen to be split in two after his fight with the orcs, however it is repaired when Aragorn comes to kneel by his side. (01:24:55)

Correction: It's a long shot and very hard to see. I don't think the statement's right. In any case the two halves could just be resting together.

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Corrected entry: When the Fellowship is crossing over the mountain, Boromir sort of becomes transfixed by the ring and drops his shield. When he returns to his normal state, he picks his shield up from the snow and lifts it onto his back. When he does this, you can see the camera crew reflected briefly in the center of the shield. (00:08:15)

Correction: This is a pretty dodgy claim - something is reflected, VERY briefly, in the centre of the shield, but they are not obviously crew members. They probably are, but it's not clear.

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Corrected entry: After Bilbo disappears from his birthday party and then re-appears inside his front door, there's a scarf tied around his neck. He still has the scarf on as he picks up a walking stick in the next shot. Then, a split second later, the scarf is gone. (00:24:50)

Correction: This scene is not in real time. Bilbo has come back from the party, has changed his coat (and scarf), and is packing a bag. It is not a 'split second later'.

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Corrected entry: When the orc kills Boromir, he shoots him twice, and you can see the hole/blood stain for the third arrow between first ones, and only then the third arrow appears. (01:20:00)

Correction: There is a stain of some sort on the front of Boromir's tunic, in roughly the place where the third arrow later hits him, but it doesn't look like a hole - and if it's just a blood stain that can't really be counted as a mistake.

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Corrected entry: Boromir cut himself with the broken sword, and we can see the blood. However, after he sees Aragorn, the blood is gone. Look closely when he is putting down the sword. (01:30:45)

Correction: Boromir's fingers are slightly curled so the cut isn't visible.

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Corrected entry: When Gandalf rides to meet Saruman, Isengard is seen set in a dry valley. However, when Saruman is on top of Orthanc casting weather spells, there is a wide, curving river just outside the walls.

Correction: There is a river on one side, and trees on the other. Gandalf approaches Orthanc from among the trees and the river is out of shot on the other side.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Frodo falls in the snow and Boromir picks up the ring, you can see Aragorn standing behind Frodo. After Boromir ruffles Frodo's hair, only Aragorn's left hand is resting on the handle of the sword. Boromir then turns to leave and Aragorn has suddenly completely changed position, with his left hand on the scabbard and his right hand on the handle, although Boromir has already started to walk away and is no longer a threat. (01:35:30)

Correction: Boromir seems to be giving the Ring back, but Aragorn doesn't trust him and has quietly moved to have his sword ready in case of trouble.

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Corrected entry: Look at the faces of Boromir, Legolas and Merry after they leave Moria and get outside. They have dirt on their faces in a particular pattern. Then they make their way to Lothlorien and get cleaned up. But in the final scene, the dirt returns in exactly the same places.

Correction: Not true. The dirt is in similar places, but it is definitely different (checked this one carefully.)

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Corrected entry: When Saruman uses his magical powers to bring an avalanche down on the group, Legolas is seen standing to the right of Gandalf but when the avalanche starts he is now standing to his left. (01:41:17)


Correction: He is part way back to joining the group but then runs out to pull Gandalf to safety.

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Corrected entry: After Boromir has been hit by the third arrow, shots of him alternate several times between showing all three completely parallel with each other and then sticking out from his chest at completely different angles. (02:33:30)

Correction: He is involved in a pretty full-on sword fight - it's more than reasonable to assume he's knocked the arrows with his arms more than once.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, during the Prologue when Cate Blanchett gives a brief history of Middle Earth, near the end of her monologue she says "For none now live who remember", referring to the war of the Last Alliance, this is in contradiction to two major facts of the story. The first being that the elves are immortal, therefore at least some of them would still be present at this time. The second is that Elrond is clearly shown fighting in the battle, and later he vividly recalls to the Fellowship, at the meeting in Rivendell, how he begged Isildur to cast the Ring into the fire of Mount Doom. Proving not only was he present but he can also remember the Last Alliance.

Correction: What Galadriel says is that 'much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it'. She does not say, or mean, that nothing of the Last Alliance can be remembered; she is speaking generally about Middle Earth's history, and saying that of the many races and peoples within it, lots of knowledge has been lost as people have died and taken their memories with them.

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Corrected entry: This is found on the extended version, the scene where Frodo is offering Galadriel the One Ring, she moves towards him with her right hand extended. After her morphing scene she regains composure and tells Frodo that she, too, is a Ring Bearer and then extends her right hand again - this time showing her ring. Where was the ring when she extended her hand the first time?

Correction: This is true to the book: it is only at the end of their conversation that Frodo is able to see Galadriel's ring, even though she's been wearing it all along. She explains to him that as a Ring-bearer, his sight has 'grown keener'. Even Sam (who is present in this scene in the book) cannot see it, instead saying something about seeing 'a star shining through your finger'.

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Corrected entry: When Aragorn is letting Frodo go to Mordor, in one shot it shows him facing the camera and you can see that Frodo is up to his shoulder, before Aragorn kneels down. In the next shot, Frodo is only up to his waist, but Aragorn hasn't moved.

Correction: This is the effect of forced perspective - Aragorn and Frodo are some distance apart, and the shot referred to here is over Frodo's shoulder, so that he is closer to the camera. He therefore looks taller than when he is further away, but his actual height hasn't changed.

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Corrected entry: At Bilbo's birthday party, he is wearing a red jacket with a green collar. He then disappears. When he re-appears, he still has it on. When he grabs the walking stick, it has turned all green.

Correction: This scene is not in real time - some time has elapsed between seeing Bilbo come into Bag End and take off the ring, and this next shot of him gathering items and packing to leave. He already has a bag out and things are stacked around it ready to pack - he has also changed his party jacket for his travelling one.

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Corrected entry: When Frodo pulls Sam into the elvish boat after saving him from drowning, you can see Sam's foot for a second, and you see he doesn't have his hobbit feet on. Sam pulls his foot under his cloak right away to hide it. Nevertheless, it is noticeable and a bit funny.

Correction: We can only see the sole of his foot, so it's not obvious that he has his hobbit feet on, but they are definitely there. Sean Astin has often talked about getting cut by glass when they filmed this scene, and that getting medical attention was made more difficult because he had his feet on.

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Corrected entry: When the Fellowship is running through the mines of Moria, after they have fought with the orcs and cave troll, they reach the bridge of Khazad-dum. Then they are stopped again by the great number of orcs. When the Balrog arrives, they run further to Khazad-dum; the filmmakers used the exact same shot for this scene as when the Fellowship was running from the orcs in the first place.

Correction: The long shots of the Fellowship running through the Great Hall were all CG (as Peter Jackson says on his commentary on the extended DVD) and the background of columns is very repetitive, so the shots look similar, but they are not the same.

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Corrected entry: Towards the end of the fight in Moria, the cave troll slams Pippin on his back, but in the very next shot (look at the bottom center), Pippin is standing up as if nothing happened.

Correction: There is enough time when Pippin is off-screen for him to jump to his feet again. He'd have to do it quickly - but I think the possibility of an enormous cave troll squashing you as you lay there would be motivation enough.

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