24th Aug 2004

Starsky & Hutch (2004)

8th Aug 2004

Never Die Alone (2004)

Question: How do they draw blood from a vein with a syringe, or inject a liquid into somebody's arm or neck? It doesn't appear that the needle is retractable, and you can see the liquid/blood being injected or drawn. If it's a closeup, it could be a fake arm, but many times you can see the person as this is being done. This appears in many movies. Anyone actually know?


Chosen answer: I used to have a "magic trick" syringe - the syringe has a double wall so that there is a tiny space around the outside that actually fills up with fluid from a reservoir in the syringe, the middle of the syringe (majority of the volume) remains empty, but it looks full.


20th Jul 2004

King of the Ants (2003)

Factual error: Sean is tailing his victim, taking photos with an old Polaroid camera (the kind that prints instant photos). In one scene, he is sitting on a bench and takes several shots. When he shows these pictures later, some are zoomed in on the subjects, when it would not be possible to zoom with this camera. He would have had to get up and walk toward them, thus giving himself away.


1st Jul 2004

3-Way (2004)

Deliberate mistake: When Dwight Yoakum is being shot by Rita, and he is holding Lew, you can plainly see Lew has earplugs in to muffle the gunshot.


Plot hole: When the students are breaking into ETS, they take great care to avoid the security cameras in the lobby; donning masks, crawling on the ground, etc. Yet a bit later, two of them go back to guard the same lobby, they are seen walking around and sitting on the desk that they so carefully crawled past earlier.


Trivia: The Alien Attack ride is very similar to the Earthquake ride at Universal Studios in Florida.


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