30th Aug 2013

Prison Break (2005)

Continuity mistake: In the end of the plant scene, Buck agrees to help them. He throws his knife into the ground before he explains his rules. When he's telling his rules, the knife is gone. When he's done telling his rules, it's back and he picks it up.


30th Nov 2009

Pulse (2006)

Pulse mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the shot where Mattie walks towards the toilet at her school, you can see there's a pencil in her hair pointing downwards. When she's inside the toilet, the pencil's direction and her hair have both changed.


Plot hole: After the dinosaur kids wrecked the playground, Manny tells Sid, "Whatever they are, take them back" and someone says "What are they?" as well. Later, when Mummy Dinosaur appears, Ellie says, "I thought those guys were extinct!" and one minute later Manny says, "She's a dinosaur!" How could they possibly not see that the kids were dinosaurs if they already knew about dinosaurs in the first place?


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Suggested correction: They weren't sure about the baby dinosaurs' species because dinosaurs were thought to be extinct. The mother dinosaur eventually showing up, with her more convincing dinosaur properties of being much larger and menacing-looking, convinces them otherwise.


Other mistake: When Buck tells about his fight with Rudy, he swings while saying "Back, forth" in front of the others. They are looking the wrong way. He is also swinging on nothing at all.


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