Corrected entry: During the breakup scene, you see a blue marker between Edwards feet in his wideshots.


Correction: After reviewing on DVD, in this scene there is only one wideshot and in it there is no blue marker at Edward's feet. There is something that could possibly be a bit of bark by his feet, but it is brown and earthy in color, definitely not a tape marker.

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27th Apr 2009

Twilight (2008)

Corrected entry: During the first biology scene, the planaria switches positions with each shot. The last shot it is moved back to where it started.

Correction: This is intentional. The shots are not subsequent - it is a montage of a few shots, showing the various stages during the lesson, to emphasize how long and uncomfortable it is for Bella to be sitting next to Edward with the way he was treating her and glaring at her. Therefore the items, including the planaria, are not in the same position in each shot.

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29th Mar 2009

Twilight (2008)

Corrected entry: When Bella and Mike talk about the school prom, you can see the microphone reflected in the pick-up's window. (00:25:50)

Correction: There is no boom microphone reflected in the window - what might look like a mic is actually just Bella reflecting into the small triangular part of the window. Other than that, there are no other reflections.

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Show generally

Corrected entry: Throughout the series Penny complains that she is broke, and is paid minimum wage at The Cheesecake Factory. She even takes on additional duties as a barmaid to try to earn extra money. We also learn that Sheldon and Leonard live together as their apartment is too expensive for one person - Sheldon says he would be happy to live alone if he 'could afford the rent'. Penny's apartment is almost identical to theirs - it can't be that much cheaper. So, if two University lecturers can't afford an apartment in that building, how on earth can a waitress on minimum wage do so?

Correction: Penny complains that she is broke, but that is probably due to having to pay the rent, leaving her little money after. Penny does a lot of work to scrape up rent money and obviously she is able to earn the sufficient amount to afford it. Sheldon and Leonard work at the university, but as it is stated they earn limited amounts. Also, Sheldon and Leonard have a two bedroom apartment while Penny probably has a one bedroom apartment and therefore would not pay as much.

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Corrected entry: In the opening narration, the word "chainsaw" is spelt incorrectly, as two words instead of just one.

Correction: Not a mistake - look on IMDb to find that it is known as both "Texas Chain Saw" and "Texas Chainsaw".

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Corrected entry: When Michael's girlfriend is waiting for him to return from the bathroom, the cooler in her hands disappears in the reverse shot of Jason coming up behind her.

Correction: Actually Jane is seen holding the cooler and a bag as Michael walks off. Then it focuses on Michael for a minute or two. Then it goes back to Jane - now empty handed - and you can see the cooler and bag on the floor in front of her. Then Jason kills her. No mistake.

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27th Dec 2008

Twilight (2008)

Corrected entry: In the biology scene where Bella & Edward are discussing why Bella decided to live in Forks, Edward says a line similar to "If you don't like the wet or cold, why did you choose the rainiest place in the continental US?" When Robert Pattinson is saying, 'Continental US,' you can detect his British accent.

Correction: Edward has been a vampire for many long years. Since he has lived for about a century, he has probably traveled to many different places; Europe, America, etc - so his accent may not be an exact one.

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22nd Dec 2008

Twilight (2008)

Corrected entry: In the first Biology scene, Edward pushes the dish toward Bella. The shot changes and the dishes are next to each other again, but when the shot changes the dishes are apart.

Correction: In the entire first biology scene, it is edited in a "montage" style, to show the way in which Edward is being tempted by Bella's scent, and trying to control himself. As this scene is not shown in real time, then inconsistencies from each shot are perfectly fine, as they show evidence that time has passed during this "montage."

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27th Dec 2008

Twilight (2008)

Corrected entry: In the hospital, Edward wakes up after Bella's mother leaves. Before that, Edward says vampires don't sleep.

Correction: He is merely pretending to sleep, to fool Bella's mother. This is made clear in the film and also explained in the book.

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7th Jul 2007

Grey's Anatomy (2005)

Deny, Deny, Deny - S2-E4

Corrected entry: In the scene where Preston finally finds Christina alone, he walks into her room that has a door with a rectangular window in it and a white box with stickers above a glove box on the wall next to the door. When Preston starts to tell her what else she could have said by saying, "Plenty. For starters," Christina interrupts him by saying, "Oh, look. It's my mother." We see her mother come into room and shut a solid wood door. There is a picture/print on the wall next to the door. They are all in a different room! When Christina and her mother really start to squabble, Christina says, "Oh, me? I'm unpleasant?" Preston starts backing away to leave and all of the sudden they are now back in the original room, with rectangular window in the door (that is open) and the white box with stickers above the glove box on the wall next to the door.

Sheri Hartman

Correction: It is not a different room. Dr. Preston Burke came through the main door which leads into the hospital hallways, and from Christina's point of view, would be to her left. But the door her Mother comes through, while it is different, it is not meant to be the same door. As we clearly see, her Mother walks in from Christina's right. Therefore her Mother was not entering through the same door as Burke did. Perhaps it was a toilet?

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27th Aug 2001

Scream 2 (1997)

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Sidney first walks out of the dorm building we see a red sticker on the door by where she puts her hand, but in the next shot from the door outside, if you look closly the red sticker is not there. In fact it is an entirely different door.

Correction: There is no mistake here. As Sidney leaves the dorms, we can see there are two sets of double doors, and it is the second set of doors that have the red stickers on them. In the inside shot we see Sidney pushing open the first set of doors, but when the shot changes to the outside of the building, Sidney is now pushing the second door which has the red sticker on it.

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2nd Apr 2004

Shallow Hal (2001)

Corrected entry: Hal's father in the hospital bed describes the perfect woman for Hal. It can be heard that the word "can" has been dubbed over the actor saying "ass".

Correction: There is nothing wrong with this line of dialogue as it looks completely in sync - so even if "ass" was overdubbed with the word "can" it is completely unnoticeable.

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Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Mrs. Perky is talking to Cameron, she is wearing glasses. Someone throws something at the window, and then it changes shots to Cameron asking if he's in the right office. When it shows Mrs. Perky again, she doesn't have her glasses on. Cameron leaves, and Patrick enters the room. In the next shot, Mrs. Perky is wearing her glasses. (00:02:30)

Correction: The shots change to Cameron, for plenty of time for Mrs. Perky to have removed her glasses while shoo-ing him away, and then for her to have put them back on her face as Patrick enters. It isn't an instant interchange.

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Corrected entry: When Tai calls Joe, he says, "He's the only kid I know who volunteers for summer school," indicating that it's Summer. But there's a calender on the wall that says March.

Brad Premium member

Correction: He could have been refering to previous summers, or it's possible that he volunteered for summer school really early in the year, showing eagerness.

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31st Oct 2002

Clue (1985)

Corrected entry: When they are searching the house, look at the window at the top of the stairs after the lightning strikes, you can see a person's face in it. (00:47:10)

Correction: I have examined this scene, and there is no face reflected in either of the windows at the top of the stairs. The only misconception there may have been is that there are central decorations inside the pane of glass. But no reflected face.

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3rd Jun 2003

Nikita (1990)

Corrected entry: When Nikita is escaping from the restaurant's kitchen she dives through a laundry hatch. However, the person in the red backless dress that actually jumps through the hatch is a very broad and muscular man.

Correction: I have watched this scene frame by frame and during this part it is always the same female figure as Nikita dives down the chute - no broad, muscular man.

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Corrected entry: When they start the strip Monopoly game Brenda rolls the dice and says "Double sixes"; she actually rolled a 2 and a 1. (00:40:30)

Correction: Brenda was saying double sixes as a joke, to see if she could fool the others. She got low numbers, so she jestered by exclaiming "double sixes" to which the other characters cotton onto and moan at her.

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Corrected entry: When Richard pierces himself with his Hotel Manager badge, lots of blood comes out. We then see Eddy on his bike and then go back to Richard with no blood.

Correction: After he pierces himself, the scene changes back to Eddie on his bike - obviously during the time period, Richie has changed his shirt, as there is enough given time for him to do so.

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29th Jul 2007

Swept Away (2002)

Corrected entry: Amber and Guiseppe arrive on the island with nothing but the clothes they stand up in, and they subsist on what they find or fish from the sea. So, where does Amber's pale pink lipstick come from? She is never seen without it on.

Correction: She arrived on the island carrying her huge black purse.

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10th Feb 2008

Cloverfield (2008)

Corrected entry: The Statue of Liberty's decapitated head is way too small to be accurate. Wikipedia lists the ear to ear width to be ten feet but it is just a little bigger than the compact cars on the street.

Correction: According the the FAQ on IMDb, the head shown is not unrealistic; it states "The head could easily fit on a city street, even on its side. The whole statue is only 151 feet high. The pedestal adds another 154 feet." It also adds further information relating to why the size of the head could be misconceived as being too small: "The makers of the film cited Escape from New York's poster as the inspiration for the Statue head scene in Cloverfield. However, that film's poster depicts the head as unrealistically large, which might account for the misconception that the head in Cloverfield is too small."

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