17th Feb 2010

Wimbledon (2004)

Continuity mistake: In the final match scene when the rain comes Peter is laying on the ground. He turns onto his back and his shirt is very nearly clean. Then as he sits up his valet says "What are you doing, Lad? Get in here!" Peter's shirt has a large mud stain on it. (01:13:05)


29th Oct 2009

Center Stage (2000)

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the final dance scene during the Swan Lake rehearsal, Jodi is dressed exactly like the other dancers in all white. Right before Cooper pulls her tutu to reveal a dark red leotard beneath it you can see the straps from the 2nd outfit, but not before.


Question: In the legend of Cibola, the ship landed in Florida. Why did they show him the City of Gold in South Dakota? In those days for an entire group of people to travel that far (on foot) would have been deadly.


Chosen answer: You (or the movie) have your legends confused. Cibola was supposed to be somewhere north of New Spain (now Mexico). The Spanish conquistadors explored much of the southwest looking for it. Coronado travelled from central Mexico all the way to the northwest of Kansas and back (without dying!) looking for Cibola and Quivera.


They mention he wrecked off Florida but when they find the city it's under Mt. Rushmore which is in south Dakota.

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