Cal K.

8th Apr 2011

Source Code (2011)

Corrected entry: In the scene where Colter looks at Derek Frost's license in his wallet, his city/state are listed as Northfield, ILL. Three-letter state abbreviations are outdated. Later when Goodwin and Rutledge are showing the various passengers' ID's on a computer screen, Frost's license now lists his city/state as Chicago, IL. Different city, and the current style 2-letter state abbreviation.

Cal K.

Correction: My mother has a driver's license from the state of Florida that is LAMINATED PAPER. They stopped making those in the mid-1990s. As long as she renews her license, they send her a sticker, but not a new one. She has updated her address several times since. The new address is in the DMV system.

shortdanzr Premium member

4th Jun 2004

Soul Plane (2004)

Corrected entry: Before flight 069 of NWA airlines is about to take off, the pilot tells his co-pilot to secure the cockpit cabin. The co-pilot locks 8-10 different locks on the cockpit door, similar to all the different locks you'd see on an apartment door in a bad neighborhood. A few scenes later, the owner of the airline walks right into the cockpit - none of the locks are still secured.

Cal K.

Correction: The co-pilot locks the cabin before take off. Nashawn Wade (Kevin Hart) doesn't enter the cockpit until after takeoff, allowing enough time for the doors to be unlocked off screen.

Corrected entry: In the cave scene, when Dan, Jerry, and Tom are caught in the rain storm wearing only their underwear, they decide that they must huddle together for body heat if they want to avoid hypothermia. A slow sexy song starts playing as they move closer and closer, and you see Dan slowly unhook his fanny pack and drop it to the ground. Then they're laying down "spooning" against each other, but when they suddenly pull apart and jump up, Dan is wearing the fanny pack again.

Cal K.

Correction: You see Dan pick up the fanny pack and put it back on after they jump up.


2nd May 2004

13 Going On 30 (2004)

Corrected entry: When 30-year-old Jenna is getting ready to go to her first adult party on Wall Street, she's putting on her makeup rather heavily - what a 13-year-old would probably do. Bright pink lipstick, heavy blue eyeshadow, fake eyelashes, etc. Then she gets up and goes into her big walk-in closet. As she's looking through all her shoes and dresses, her makeup is much more subtle, most notably her eye shadow. It's not as blue and heavy.

Cal K.

Correction: When Jenna is applying her makeup heavily, she is still at her desk with curlers in her hair. When she enters the closet though, the curlers are out of her hair. There is obviously quite a big time-gap between these two shots, giving Jenna plently of time to change her mind about her makeup, and to reapply it.

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: When Tom, Jerry, and Dan get into the canoe and start paddling down the river for the first time, there are several instances where clothing continuity changes from shot to shot. First Dan pulls a mosquito net over his hat in a close-up shot, and then almost immediately it's gone in the long shot, but is back again a moment later. We also see Jerry wearing a light-colored denim shirt while they're paddling (over an aqua colored tank top) but then in a long shot he's wearing just the tank top, but then back to the denim shirt a second later.

Cal K.

Correction: This sequence is not meant to be in actual time, it's just supposed to be a collection of shots of them rowing down the river.

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