15th Oct 2011

Community (2009)

Correction: On the break a striped ("bigs") ball goes in, however we see Jeff shoot solids throughout the rest of the game. It is the coach who is shooting the striped balls, not Jeff.


27th Nov 2011

Community (2009)

Competitive Ecology - S3-E3

Corrected entry: Pierce tells the Biology teacher that the study group members are the only people he has told about having sex with Eartha Kitt in an airplane bathroom. However, in 3.04 'Remedial Chaos Theory', Pierce tells the group about Eartha Kitt for the first time. Also, in 3.03 Shirley calls Britta's lighter her "marijuana lighter", but she doesn't find out about Britta smoking weed until 3.04. These errors are due to 3.03 and 3.04 being aired out of order according to their production, and have been acknowledged and confirmed by creator Dan Harmon himself, but they still count as mistakes.


Correction: Those two revelations only happened in the alternate timelines, not in the main timeline. In the main timeline, Pierce was about to mention Eartha Kitt, but was stopped (all he said was, "Airplane bathroom..." and was cut off), and Britta's smoking was never seen. Additionally, in the alternate timelines, nobody says or implies that it's their first time hearing about Earth Kitt (in fact, in one of them (the Darkest Timeline), they imply that they HAVE heard the story before, because Pierce mentions Eartha Kitt but not sex or the airplane, and the group is still disgusted) And Shirley was ranting about Britta's drug use which can very well be attributed to learning that the whole group decided not to eat her baked goods. It can only be assumed that the revelations came some time before episode 3, off screen. The mention of them being shown out of order is irrelevant given these facts.


Corrected entry: When the dwarves are having their feast at Bilbo's place, the dwarves themselves noticeably change places around the table between shots. Particularly obvious are Kili, Fili and Ori - Kili and Fili start off next to each other, then Fili is suddenly walking across the top of the table in the very next shot. Then later, when they have a burping contest, there is a shot of Kili laughing and Ori is right next to him, and it then cuts to a shot of Ori on his own, somehow having teleported to the opposite end of the table.


Correction: It's a montage scene. Not everything is supposed to be happening in a row.


15th Oct 2011

Community (2009)

Correction: That was his intention all along. He adores Jeff and always wants to either touch or impress him, so it's nothing out of the ordinary for his character.


8th Apr 2011

Limitless (2011)

Corrected entry: After Eddie stabs and kills Gennady (the gangster), Eddie pushes Gennady's body off him and the body rolls onto its stomach. You can see the prop knife, which is stuck in Gennady's stomach, easily bending under Gennady's weight, as though it is made of rubber.


Correction: No, you see the weight of his body shift the position of the knife imbedded in his abdomen. There aren't any particularly solid parts in there, so as his weight pushed the knife to the side as he was rolling over, the blade was just pushed to the side inside him. Thought the same thing when I watched it last night, but watched again today, and it wasn't what I thought at first.

Kimberly Mason

25th Apr 2011

Batman Forever (1995)

Corrected entry: When Two Face shoots Bruce, Two Face is to Bruce's right. There are two mistakes here; not only does Two Face somehow hit the left side of Bruce's forehead, but Bruce recoils as though he were hit on the right.


Correction: They are in opposite corners of the room, each to the left of the other. Bruce is on the stairs, near a doorway into another room. To his right is a wall, so Two-Face cannot be to Bruce's right. Bruce turns and faces slightly to the viewer's left, which means his left side is visible to us. Two-Face holds the gun with his right hand, and aims diagonally across his body to the left, meaning Bruce is to Two-Face's left. Bruce spins to his right, aways from the camera, because the bullet came from his left, and the wound is on his left when we see him at the bottom of the stairs. There is no mistake.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In 'Deathly Hallows Part 1', James and Lily Potter's gravestone says they died in 1981. When their deaths are shown in 'Philosopher's Stone', baby Harry is seen wearing a Blue's Clues shirt, but Blue's Clues didn't exist until 1996, 15 years after the Potters' deaths.


Correction: Those are bunny rabbits on his shirt.


11th May 2010

Kick-Ass (2010)

Corrected entry: When the five kids are sitting in the comic store and Katie says something about how she would "bang the **** out of Kick-Ass", we can see out the window that it is raining reasonably heavily outside. We then cut to Katie and Dave making out in the alley behind the store only about thirty seconds later, and it isn't raining.


Correction: It's not raining reasonably heavy, it's a light shower, plus it's quite sunny and light out, indicating the rain isn't widespread. Once in the alley, Dave and Katie have damp hair, hinting that a light drizzle is occurring, or has just finished drizzling.


20th Dec 2009

Batman and Robin (1997)

Corrected entry: Bane busts into the prisoner property locker to steal Mr Freeze's suit. As this locker is used to store personal effects of prisoners, there are two errors in this sequence. Firstly, Two Face's suit from the previous film is in plain view, which would not be in the locker since Two Face died in the previous film and is not a prisoner at Arkham. Secondly, the Riddler's green suit is also in there, although at the time of his arrest in the previous film he was wearing a white sequined suit. Contrary to what a corrector previously posted, the Riddler's green suit should logically not be in the locker either, since he was not wearing it at the time of his arrest and it would therefore be considered police evidence rather than the prisoner's personal effects, and would be kept at the police station rather than the asylum itself.


Correction: Yes, but in the DC Universe, things are done a bit differently. Any gear belonging to a supervillain is either kept at Arkham Asylum (for non super powered villains/equipment) or S.T.A.R. Labs in Metropolis (for gadgets like Mr. Freeze's gun). Both sites are more secure than a normal police evidence room. This is just a nod to the comics.

Grumpy Scot

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