Stuart Green

12th May 2004

Van Helsing (2004)

Continuity mistake: When The Velkan saves Anna from the wolf and is subsequently thrown off the cliff by the beast the splash sound as they hit water is heard a split second later. However as the camera pans back we see the cliff is meant to be several hundred feet high. It would be impossible for them to reach the water in that time and the splash sound at that distance would be imperceptible. (00:21:50)

Stuart Green

Visible crew/equipment: In the factory where the kids are escaping from the office by climbing up through the ceiling and onto the rafters, if you look down into the office you can see a sound technician complete with boom mike crouched down trying to make an unobtrusive exit from behind the desk. Original video only.

Stuart Green

18th Apr 2004

The Hidden (1987)

Continuity mistake: When Beck and Gallagher are chasing the stripper (Claudia Christian) Gallagher shoots out the wheel of the stripper's car, which then proceeds to crash into a mannequin warehouse. As Beck and Gallagher approach the suspect's car there is the head and hair of a mannequin showing out the broken back window. Obviously from when Claudia Christian crashed into the warehouse. However the front car windscreen is unbroken as Beck passes it. So how did the mannequin enter the car? (00:54:20)

Stuart Green

17th Apr 2004

Bloodsport (1988)

Factual error: The film was made in 1988. At that time the airport was on the mainland Kowloon side and called Kai Tak. In the early part of the film where van Damme is heading for the "East Lake Hotel" in Kowloon he is seen riding on an electric tram. These trams are only found on Hong Kong Island, which means he would have had to have crossed the harbour to reach the trams and then gone back across the harbour to reach his hotel. Fairly pointless exercise.

Stuart Green

2nd Apr 2004

Swordfish (2001)

Continuity mistake: Immediately following the terrorists departure from the bank by bus, Don Cheadle enters a police black and white, license plate 999045. When he reaches the building on which the helicopter deposits the bus he gets out of a police car whose registration is now 873041A.

Stuart Green

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