Christoph Galuschka

14th Dec 2005

Van Helsing (2004)

Other mistake: When Igor tortures the Werewolf behind the canvas, both of them can be seen as shadows, meaning a source of light is creating these images. When Igor hits the Werewolf with his staff, sparks can be seen through the canvas. First, as the image is a projection, the sparks would appear somewhere else on the canvas, and not exactly on the position of the staff's projected image. Even if the images are just silhouettes, the angle of the shot and the visible pillars indicate a much larger size then Igor really is. Second, such an intense source of light would alter the projection of the shadows a lot, not just a little bit in front of the Werewolf. In the case of silhouettes, they would completely disappear, as the source of light is between the 2 actors, and not at the side of them.

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