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Corrected entry: When the Emperor tells Commander Cody to execute order 66, it cuts to a shot of the Emperor looking at a hologram of Commander Cody. The device that Commander Cody is holding doesn't project a hologram in the hologram. Yet when Yoda is talking to the Jedi council on Kyahsak, other members, such as Ki-Adi-Mundi appear as holograms inside Yoda's hologram.

Correction: Well, it is not important for Cody to see the hologram in the hologram. The recording facility at the emperors end might be focused only at the emporer or might simply not record a holo-projection. It might just be a simplier form of holo-communication for longer distances. Lots of reasons to use different forms of communication detail.

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16th Aug 2004

Van Helsing (2004)

Corrected entry: When Dracula says "And perhaps the devolution of my ring." he shows that one of his fingers has been cut. Dracula's regenerating abilities should have made it grow back.

Correction: If the finger was lost before Dracule got killed and revived as living undead it would have not worked. The healing abilities only cure injuries which were inflicted after changing into a vampire.

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Correction: The finger was not cut off. He simply held it bent at that moment.

He is not bending it. It's missing in that scene. Funny too because he still has that finger in previous scenes.


Yeah, if I recall, they even mention in the commentary that it's technically a mistake since he has all his fingers in every other scene. (I could be wrong though, but I'm pretty sure they bring it up when it happens).


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