Andreas Winnberg

13th Jun 2007

Shooter (2007)

Corrected entry: In the scene on the mountain top, Sarah Fenn picks up the senator's Beretta and shoots the already wounded FBI agent. She fires around 5 shots and then you see the slide lock back. However the Beretta would typically have 15 round per magazine. Even the magazines during the ban would have had 10 rounds.

Correction: There might have been just five rounds in the magazine when she took it. How could you possibly know that wasn't the case?

Andreas Winnberg

17th May 2006

Madagascar (2005)

Corrected entry: The leader of the penguins addresses Marty the Zebra as "my monochromatic friend". A zebra, having two colors, is bichromatic.

Correction: No. Monochromatic only means you use one color. Black can always be represented as it is 0% of that color, regardless of which. Even if you have monochromatic red light, you can show/see every shade from pitch black to full monochromatic red, an unlimited amount of shades using monochromatic light. To refer to white as monochromatic is somewhat strange as it uses all possible colors but I would definitively say a zebra is more monochromatic than bichromatic.

Andreas Winnberg

Correction: This sounds good, except black would be the monochrome and white the absence of all color.

So you're saying that if you turn off the lights a room will turn white? I think you're confusing color with pigment, which absorbs colors. If an object reflects all colors it appears white.

White is the absence of color but darkness is the absence of light. You're confusing two completely different concepts.

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