19th Oct 2009

Death Race (2008)

Question: When the Death Race is being aired, it describes it as having 100 different angles, including angles from inside the driver's car, but Jason Statham's character, imitating Frankenstein, has his masks off, and doesn't have a face "ruined by crashes so he has to wear a mask". Surely if anyone viewed this angle, they could see it wasn't really Frankenstein at all?


Chosen answer: The cameras INSIDE the car are facing out. So that the viewers see what Jenson and Case see, not looking at Case and Jenson.

Ssiscool Premium member

Continuity mistake: During the first potion class scene during the movie, Hermione and Lavender are seen standing next to each other while being taught potions by Professor Slughorn. However, within the first minute or so of the lesson, Hermione and Lavender are standing far apart, then in the next shot, they are standing close together, with what looks like barely any space to move. They remain like this for the rest of the scene, but you can see the gap between the two within the first few minutes of the class.


10th Aug 2009

The Simpsons (1989)

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