Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl mistake picture

Continuity mistake: On the dock at Port Royal, Jack is speaking with Murtogg and Mullroy, who are guarding the dock from civilians. Seen behind the Marines to their left is the vacant dock edge. Yet when Jack holds Elizabeth hostage, the same dock edge is seen, but in this shot the edge is now filled with barrels and sacks. No one was on the dock between these two scenes. (00:11:45 - 00:18:40)

Super Grover Premium member

20th Jun 2003

Hulk (2003)

Hulk mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the Hulk breaks out of the government lab, he pushes up a round staircase and a soldier jumps behind it. He is then seen right in front of it when the camera angle changes. (01:34:50)


21st Dec 2003

Finding Nemo (2003)

Finding Nemo mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Before Nemo is initiated into the Tank Gang, Brother Bloat introduces the Ring of Fire. Bloat then retreats and goes between the on-looking fish. In the next shot Bloat is on the outside/right. In the following shot Bloat is again in the middle. (00:38:15)

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