24th Jan 2011

Cake Boss (2009)

Leaning, Lobsters and Lectures - S1-E11

Continuity mistake: Buddy is doing a lobster themed cake for a bachelor party. When Buddy goes in to tell the staff, there is a huge cake 3 tiers high being worked on, almost complete, on the table in the background. As he makes the parts for the lobster cake the cake in the back has fewer tiers, no decorations, no icing, and back again, completely out of order.


5th Sep 2009

L.A. Law (1986)

Armand's Hammer - S5-E4

Continuity mistake: During the scene with commercials, when Stewart is talking to Benny while on a treadmill, he is reading a book which he closes at one point. As the shot changes back and forth, the book binding is facing his right hand, then his left and tips down slightly, then goes back again.


11th Aug 2009

Monk (2002)

Mr. Monk's Favorite Show - S8-E1

Continuity mistake: Near the end when Monk is doing his usual "Here's what happened" speech, he hands an envelope to the dad. A few minutes later he walks away from the dad, who still has the envelope in his hand. Immediately, the shot changes and Monk, who is not near the dad, has the envelope.


5th Jul 2009

Swing Vote (2008)

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, when Bud is taking his daughter to school, you see barren landscape out the back window of the truck. However, when they show a view out the driver's side there are big buildings, but when it quickly switches back to the rear window view there is nothing but land again.


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