Premium Rush

Plot hole: Bobby confronts Wilee on the college campus to give him the envelope. Whilst the confrontation progresses, Wilee gets away from Bobby after distracting him by holding his sandwich by riding his bike off the college campus, onto the main road and never stops. During this ride, he drives past the gaps in several cars and taxis. Within a minute and a half, Bobby then manages to catch up with Wilee. There are two things wrong with the time it took Bobby to reach Wilee. First, there were loads of cars that we would had to have drove past in order to get to him. The problem with this is that Wilee managed to get past the cars using his bike to go through the gaps. Bobby had his car which meant he couldn't have possibly gotten through the gap making him reach Wilee in that amount of time. And second thing wrong with this is, even though Bobby knew where Wilee was taking the envelope too, he still didn't have any way to know the precise direction Wilee was going in to deliver the envelope. (00:11:50 - 00:13:30)

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Visible crew/equipment: At 5:17pm, after Manny asks Wilee to bike ride with him in Central Park, Wilee is seen driving through traffic. There is one shot where he rides past a silver Ford. Behind the silver Ford is a taxi, and if you look carefully, you'll see a boom mic reflected on the car. It can't be a lamp post, because the item on top is too big and super fluffy to be a lamp post. This is only visible for a split second and visible just as the taxi becomes out of frame as the camera pans around Wilee. (00:07:45)

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Continuity mistake: When Wilee phones Manny early on in the movie, Wilee unlocks the chain to his bike and the bike and chain fall to the floor. Wilee then picks up the chain and doesn't pick up the bike. But by the time he finishes the call with Manny, the bike is now back to being laid against the tree, when it was on the ground moments earlier. (00:05:00)

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Trivia: Joseph Gordon-Levitt injured his arm whilst filming after colliding with a taxi window with his bike and required 31 stitches. A behind the scenes clip of this can be seen partway into the end credits.

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Trivia: When Wilee thinks up routes to take for the second time, one shows a jogger getting ran over by a van. The jogger makes the famous Wilhelm scream as he gets run over. (00:18:20)

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Trivia: Author Joe Quirk filed a lawsuit against Sony Pictures for copyright, after assuming Premium Rush was based on The Ultimate Rush, which was one of his novels.

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Wilee: Suck it, douchebag.

Raj: What is it with this envelope? People love it, they hate it, they gotta have it, they gotta get rid of it. It's like cigarettes or Democrats.

Wilee: Who are you, man?
Bobby: I'm the guy you don't fuck with.

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Question: During the chase scene at the impound lot, Wilee is chased by a cop onto a high platform and another cop climbs on top of the platform. To avoid the other cop, Wilee jumps off the platform with his bike. In a sudden close-up of Wilee, a slash sound is heard. What is this slash sound I am hearing? (01:11:40)

Chosen answer: I think that sound is the front wheel giving way. If you look closely, you can see that his front wheel is wobbling a little as he escapes. This may be why he ditches his bike and steals the cop's bike soon after.

Question: In the final scene, Wilee is doing a narration whilst he rides his bike. In the background a song is playing. What is this song? The song also continues to play as the end credits go along. (01:20:30 - 01:21:00)

Chosen answer: The song is "Baba O'Riley" by The Who.

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