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Continuity mistake: When Harold climbs in the window of his house, his car rolls away to the right. After hearing the crash, he runs back to the window and looks out - to the right, where he sees the wreck. But that's the wrong direction. From inside the house, the wreck should be to the left. (00:08:00)

Jean G

Continuity mistake: Vance, smoking a cigarette, warns Harold to stay away from Vance's girlfriend and drops his cigarette in Harold's coat pocket. A close-up shows a lot of smoke coming from the pocket, but there is a noticeable jump between the two scenes and Harold is in a slightly different position.

Steven Lee

Continuity mistake: Harold Hall and Mary Sears are sitting in a car on the movie studio lot. A stagehand raps on the car door and tells Mary they're ready to start filming. In a close-up, she opens the door and steps out of the car. The following long shot shows her opening the door and stepping out of the car again.

Steven Lee

Miller: Mr. O'Brien wants me to take a test of you right away.
Harold Hall aka Trouble: Well, I don't understand. He practically threw me out.
Miller: You don't want to pay any attention to Mr. O'Brien. He's like that one minute, the next minute he'll want to kiss you. I think he's nuts.

Miller: What kind of parts do you play?
Harold Hall aka Trouble: Aw, heroes.
Miller: Well, that means we gotta get a dame.

Miller: Hey, girlie! Come here.

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