Continuity mistake: When penélope Cruz is sick in bed, a strand of hair appears on her forehead on the last wide angle we see of her.

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Continuity mistake: During the Folies Bergere song there's a close-up of Judy Dench and behind her is the vedette walking down the steps one leg forward. The angle immediately swaps to a wider one and the position of the legs has swapped.

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Luisa Contini: You're just an appetite, and if you stopped being greedy you'd die. You take everything, and I'm empty.
Luisa Contini: You know, I'm glad I came. I can see now... it's hopeless.

Carla: I'll be waiting for you, with my legs open.

Stephanie: What would you say the limit to what you could show in movies these days is?
Guido Contini: What would you like to see that I haven't already shown you?

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