Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Continuity mistake: Near the start, after Lucian saves Sonja from the werewolves. Before Sonja throws Lucian the the sword, Viktor and his guards are walking around the corner next to the ladder. When she throws it they disappear, when Lucian catches it they reappear. (00:06:30)

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Continuity mistake: The scene in which Sonja is executed in front of Lucian is incredibly different from when the same scene was portrayed in the original movie as a flashback. Obviously they had to reshoot it to account for the new actress portraying Sonja, but not only is the basic setting visibly different, but important details of the scenes have been altered as well. Ex. In the flashback scene in "Underworld", there's a giant crowd of slaves in a cage behind Lucian, and Sonja screams and slowly burns up. In this film, the crowd of slaves is not there, and Sonja instantly burns up without screaming - in fact, she's rather calm and trying to calm down Lucian. You can't argue that Lucian's memory of the events have changed over time, as the "Underworld" movies have made it clear that immortals have impeccable and essentially perfect memory (more-or-less genetic memory) that can even be absorbed if their blood is consumed by vampires.


Continuity mistake: After Viktor has bitten Sonja and she is lying on her bed, Viktor walks out of her room yelling "She will not leave this room", you can see Sonja's necklace chain on her throat and shoulder. In the following shots, hair is covering the chain entirely.


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Janosh: We have all heard the stories. Look into his eyes! They are true! This place is cursed! They are no more human than the devils that invade our lands.
Viktor: If devils you call us, rest assured, better the devil you know.

Lucian: I've lived by their rules my entire life. I've protected them. Envied them. And for what? To be treated like an animal. We are not animals! Is this want you want? We can be slaves, or we can be... LYCANS!

Tannis: There are twelve seats on the Council.
Sonja: And we don't die often.

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Question: In "Underworld Evolution" Tanis said (to Kate and Michael) that Viktor killed Selen's family in Winter when Lucian escaped with the key from the castle. But in this movie, Viktor at the end goes into the hibernation chamber. How possible? Is this a continuity error?


Chosen answer: He's badly injured, so he goes into the hibernation chamber to heal. Doesn't mean that he's staying in there for hundreds of years; he could easily emerge as soon as he's healed up and kill Selene's family off.

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Question: In "Underworld Evolution" Tanis said (to Selene and Michael) that Viktor killed Selen's family in winter when Lucian escaped with the key from the castle. However, in this movie Viktor at the end goes into the hibernation chamber. How is this possible?


Chosen answer: Victor's badly injured and needs to recover - his hibernation chamber is an obvious secure location for him to rest while he heals. He could easily emerge a short while later, once his recovery was complete, and go after Selene's family.

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Question: Lucian ended up with the pendant. How did Selene's father get it and give it to Selene while William's prison was being built? How did Lucian get it back so that he had it in Underworld 1 when he bit Michael? (04:00:00)

Answer: Sonja's pendant was part of the key to William's prison, which Selene's father was involved in building, and was why she had seen it as a child during the construction. Viktor later killed everyone who built the prison and took the pendant. In the next movie, Rise of the Lycans, Lucian steals the pendant from Viktor, and has it until he is killed by Kraven, and Selene retrieves it.

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