Bloody Sunday

Continuity mistake: When the priest is waving the handkerchief, the fabric changes from covered in blood to spotless.

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Factual error: In various shots throughout the film "Sky TV" style satellite dishes can be seen on houses - the film is set in 1972 many years before satellite TV existed.

Factual error: Part-way into the movie there is a scene where Ivan Cooper is walking up the road towards a crowd of people. On the road between him and the crowd are speed cushions, (a traffic calming feature to slow vehicles down). Back in 1972 speed cushions did not exist, they are an invention from the early 1990's. (00:39:00)


Ivan Cooper: I just want to say this to the British Government... You know what you've just done, don't you? You've destroyed the civil rights movement, and you've given the IRA the biggest victory it will ever have. All over this city tonight, young men... boys will be joining the IRA, and you will reap a whirlwind.

Chief Supt. Lagan: You call that minimum force?

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