The Last Kiss

Factual error: Jenna calls her dad with the result of her sonogram, and reveals the sex of the fetus. But given the timing of the movie, we know that Jenna is between 10 and 12 weeks - gender can't be determined from a sonogram until at least 20 weeks.

Stephen: People know the truth, they may not like it, or want to know it, but-, but they always know.
Stephen: Lie and you will lose her.

Kim: The world is moving so fast now that we start freaking long before our parents did because we don't ever stop to breathe anymore.

Michael: When I was twelve, I'd close my eyes and picture what it would be like to be thirty and this is exactly what I saw: great friends, beautiful girlfriend. I should also mention that in that same fantasy Hulk Hogan was my live in bodyguard.

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Question: When Michael and Kim are chatting at the bar at the wedding, they say: Kim: "So, are you a friend of the groom's?" Michael: "Since preschool actually." Kim: "That's really cute." Michael: "Blocks." What does Michael mean when he says "Blocks"?

Answer: He means toy building blocks they use to play wirh.

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