Gangster No 1

Continuity mistake: When the Young Gangster and Freddie Mays go to see Lennie Taylor, after the guys have beat the man up with the golf clubs, Freddie and Young Gangster get out of the car and start to walk up the street. Young Gangster is walking behind, then moves to walk beside Freddie. When the camera changes to show them from the front, he does it again.

Jennifer 1

Continuity mistake: When the gangsters hold a party a single is put on to dance to. the single is on a blue Decca label. When the single is taken off, it has changed to a black Decca label.


Continuity mistake: When gangster no 1 goes to talk to one of his gang at his flat, the man passes out and falls to the floor breaking a rubbish basket. Seconds later he is helped up and the basket is back in one piece again.


Gangster 55: And you, Mr. Freddie Mays, you had to go swimming in her eyes. Dancing in her hair. You had to slip into her mouth, slide over her tongue. Fall down her throat, deep down into her belly. Right into her blood. You had to fall asleep wrapped around her beautiful, beating heart.

Karen: You're not a bad looking bloke.
Young gangster: Bad looking bloke? Darlin'... I'm a prince.

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