Continuity mistake: When they're travelling in the coach, wideshots of them driving show them driving through deserted countryside. But in shots from inside the coach you can see the roofs of houses and telephone poles passing by.

Continuity mistake: In the close-ups of the scene near the very end of the film when the three girls and the guy get in the boat, there is no rain. On the wide shot, it is very badly raining and rain can be seen coming down as well as hitting the water. But as the shot reverts back to the boat, there is no rain to be seen.

Dave Woollin

Continuity mistake: In the scene after the tooth is discovered in the pie, Harris pours himself water twice. He grabs the glass when Maggie says, "Everyone calm down", then again when she says, "Jill, come with me".

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Jill: You've made a recruitment video for the Hitler Youth.

Billy: Dating's complicated in England.
Steve: English birds ain't complicated. You buy 'em a Bacardi Breezer and they'll ride you like Sea Biscuit.

Steve: Just saw a geezer in a balaklava with a suitcase... No... more of a travel bag.

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