John Tucker Must Die

Deliberate mistake: When Carrie is hiding in the locker room to record John talking with his friends, it's clear that her camera is behind the vent, and the openings in the vent are closer together then the diameter of her camera lens, however we don't see the vent slats in the camera view or the replaying of the video footage in a later scene. Not to mention the fact that she isn't holding the camera steady. This is impossible.

Continuity mistake: When Carrie hides in the guys locker room she videos John saying "Let's just say, at tonight's away game I'm gonna be scoring more than baskets". In a later scene when Carrie replays the video to Kate he says "I will have you know, at tonight's away game I'm gonna be scoring more than baskets".

Continuity mistake: The school's bear mascot in the beginning (when Ashanti's character is being introduced, and she's cheering) is first shown with pom-poms, yelling, "Heather's hot." The next shot 1 seconds later, the mascot is breakdancing and has nothing in his paws/hands.


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Trivia: This film is loosely based on Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor."

Beth: It's not even my date and he still gets me out of my skirt!

Volleyball Girl: You weren't at the party last night. Where were you?
Carrie: Well, it's totally on the DL. I mean, not fit to print. I'm dating... John Tucker.

Kate: John Tucker, there's only one guy out there for me, but you are not him.

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