Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Continuity mistake: When the Were-Rabbit jumps through the stained glass, the right ear is pointing to both dragon wings. But when the Reverend is telling his tale, the glass break is is pushed way over and the hand print is now where the ear print should be. (00:24:55 - 00:28:15)


Continuity mistake: At the start, a plate of cheese comes out from underneath a painting, which Wallace follows, causing him to hit the wall. In that shot, Wallace's bed is very close to the wall, and on the other side there is a white chart displaying different kinds of cheeses. But a few seconds later, as the bed in sent backwards, it's much further away from the wall. Also, the painting is much higher up than before, a machine has appeared underneath it, and the white chart has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Gromit presses the button to deploy the lasso, there is a hood ornament on the car, which rotates 90 degrees as the hood opens. But a moment later when the lasso rises (and for the remainder of the chase) the hood ornament is gone. When the car returns to Wallace's house and shakes off the mud, the ornament is back again.

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Trivia: In the scene where Wallace fetches the giant rabbit after it has come off the van, Gromit turns on the radio, and we hear a song called "Bright Eyes" from the film 'Watership Down' a film about rabbits.

Trivia: In the scene were Gromit is taking care of his melon he looks at a calendar and the date circled for the festival is September 17, which was also the day the British launched operation Market Garden. It's the perfect date for a vegetable festival.

Trivia: The scene with Gromit being pulled through the tunnel in the car by the Were-Rabbit is a take-off of the original "The Italian Job" chase through the sewers.

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[Quartermaine's hairpiece has been sucked up in the bunvac.]
Lord Victor Quartermaine: I want...toupee, please.
Wallace: Oh, grand. We take cheques or cash.
Lord Victor Quartermaine: Toupee, you idiot. My hair is in your machine.
Wallace: Oh, no, it's only rabbits in there. The hare I think you'll find is a much larger mammal.

Question: How was Wallace freed from being the Were-Rabbit?

Answer: The fall killed him, and the brain waves are seen leaving his body as he physically transforms back. Then, he's raised from the dead by the smell of cheese. (Yeah, I know, but it's a kid's movie, not a documentary.)


Question: Did Victor put up the road block sign that lead Wallace and Gromit into the woods?


Chosen answer: Yes, there are some hints that Victor painted the road closed sign and cut down the fallen tree that traps Wallace and Gromit in the forest - there is a pot of white paint behind the sign, and Gromit sees the tree has been chopped down and Victor has an axe.

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