Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

Continuity mistake: When Sonora does her very first dive, we see Clifford release Lightning and he begins to trot up the ramp. In the next shot, the camera shows the front view of the horse, and he is cantering up the ramp. Then the camera goes back to Lightning's front view, and he is trotting again.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, when Sonora gets challenged to jump Lightning over the fence, she tears off a piece of her dress and ties it to Lightning's halter. There is no bit because she did not have one. But as Lightning begins to trot, there is now a bit in his mouth. Also, the piece that she tears off of her dress changes lengths significantly between the shots where she's tying it onto the horse and when she gets on him and starts riding.


Continuity mistake: When Sonora jumps the fence, we see that the horse has broken only the top rail, but the next shot shows cattle escaping through a gap in the fence where top and bottom rails are completely broken.

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Al: Why did you never answer any of my letters?
Sonora: I never got any letters.
Al: Well, I wrote you just about everyday.
Sonora: What did you say?
Al: Stuff.
Sonora: What kind of stuff?
Al: Well... you know... stuff.

Sonora: I can do it because I can do anything.

Al: You are a human being and there are limitations. You can't run away from it. You can't hide from it and you can't change it. It simply is.

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