Soul Food

Factual error: At one point late in the film, Terry says she called in a favor to the "District Attorney" after Lim was arrested. In Chicago, where the film is set and where the arrest took place, there are State's Attorneys, not District Attorneys. Terry, a lawyer practicing in Chicago, would most definitely have known that.

Continuity mistake: When Bird's co-workers are attacking Lem when he comes out the bathroom, he's wearing boxers under his towel.

Kevin Brown

Visible crew/equipment: When Lem is sitting in the living room talking to Kenny at his house, a light from the camera is visible in the window behind them.

Kevin Brown
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Mama Joe: One finger won't make an impact, but you ball all those fingers into a fist, and you can strike a mighty blow. Now, this family has got to be that fist.

Maxine: Ahmad, what are you doin' in the ladies' bathroom?
Ahmad: Yo Bird! Big Mama said to bring yo' black ass out there.
Maxine: Boy, Big Mama told nobody's black ass to go nowhere.

Mama Joe: You see, in life we all make some bad choices. My husband was a gambler. Almost cost us this house. But I worked, on my hands and knees, cleaning up after white folks. Taking in laundry. You do what you have to do to stay strong.

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Question: When mama said she dreamt of fish last night, her daughter said that it meant either someone was coming or someone was pregnant. Then Faith showed up at the front door. So wasn't Faith really the fish in Mama's dream and not Bird?

Answer: Yes, but it could have easily been both.

T Poston

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