The Stepford Wives

Continuity mistake: At the very beginning when they are all getting into the yellow Ford car an outside of car camera cut from the front of the car to the side shows the lady's arm firstly inside, then rested on the door.

Paul Andrews

Continuity mistake: As the old man sits sketching Joanna's face it changes between shots, from a nearly full face to just half. (00:33:00 - 00:33:30)

eaglegrad16 Premium member

Revealing mistake: Walter and Joanne have two little girls at the beginning of the film, but then much later, there are suddenly two young boys seated at the table during breakfast. (01:17:00)

eaglegrad16 Premium member

Bobbie Markowe: I think there's something in the water that turns us into house fraus.

Joanna Eberhart: If I am wrong, I'm insane... but if I'm right, it's even worse than if I was wrong.

Bobbie Markowe: Two things I always carry: Tampax and Ring Dings. And I don't even wanna think what that means.

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