Continuity mistake: When Beowulf is rescuing Pendra, at the end of the fight he is holding is sword over one of the men. In some shots it is clean, in others it has blood on it. (00:08:00)


Continuity mistake: When Karl is startled by the weaponsmaster and grabs for his weapon, the candles that are on the table change between shots. (00:22:15)


Audio problem: When Roland is urging the men to fight, the first one to attack is carrying a large mace that is seemingly made of metal. When Roland defeats him and the mace falls to the ground it sounds as if it is made of light wood. (00:20:25)


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Beowulf: You were right. It was your magic that brought me here.
Kyra: And it will be my magic that brings you back.

Beowulf: I must fight the evil to keep from becoming evil.

Hrothgar: It came in broad daylight.
Beowulf: It's tiring of the game. It wants it done.

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