Split Second

Continuity mistake: When Stone leaves the building he lives in, there is writing on the wall saying which way to go for each floor. When the killer enters the building, the wall is blank. (00:37:00 - 00:41:40)


Continuity mistake: When Stone, Durkin and the chief policeman are discussing the killer and Stone's arsenal, the cigar box on the desk closes and moves between shots. (00:14:00 - 00:16:20)


Continuity mistake: After the first murder in the nightclub when Durkin and the other policeman are on the boat, talking about Stone, their position on the river keeps changing. In some shots they have passed Parliament and Westminster bridge and in others they are still approaching them. (00:11:00)


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Stone: The only thing we know for sure is that he's not a vegetarian.

Stone: Did you see him?
Dick Durkin: That wasnae a him, that was a fucking it.

Dick Durkin: We need to get bigger guns. BIG fucking guns.

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