No Time For Sergeants

Continuity mistake: When Will Stockdale is at the Purple Grotto, at one point the cup full of liquor is at different levels.

Factual error: There are no privates in the Air Force. They are called Airmen.

Factual error: The sergeant in the opening credits is not Air Force as the badge is reversed. Air Force are point down and army is point up.

More mistakes in No Time For Sergeants

Maj. Demming: I think that I would rather live in the rottenest pig sty in Tennessee or Alabama than the fanciest mansion in all of Georgia. How about that?
Will Stockdale: Well, sir... I think where you wanna live is your business.

Benjamin B. Whitledge: Our post was the tail of the plane and nobody told us to quit it.
Will Stockdale: But the tail was on fire, Ben! Our post was a-quittin' us.

Sergeant King: Why ain't you dead?
Will Stockdale: No excuse, sir.

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