633 Squadron

Factual error: When the bombs are being taken down the lane, in the background where the lane meets the road a white mini can be seen passing the entrance.

Other mistake: A lot of the aircrew are wearing a 1939-45 Star medal ribbon. This medal was obviously issued after the war's end.

Factual error: Two lumbering, obsolete German trainers (Messerschmitt 108s, made in 1938) attack the RAF airfield, shooting it up unopposed. By early 1944 (the time this film was set) the Luftwaffe was a tattered remnant of its former self and the RAF had complete control of the skies over the UK and most of France. Any German pilot foolhardy enough to try such an attack would be shot to pieces before he got to the English Channel, let alone Southern England.

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Trivia: Vintage aircraft fans do not hold this film in very high regard. During filming a perfectly serviceable Mosquito was wrecked deliberately for a crash scene. Considering the scarcity of flying Mossies it's considered almost a criminal act in the vintage aviation world.

Trivia: We can see that FLTLT 'Digger' Gillibrand (John Meillon) is wearing a uniform that is of a much darker blue than the other pilots. Australian Air Force uniform of the era was dark blue rather than the RAF blue-grey; and purportedly made from much better material as well.

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Trivia: All of the members of the Norwegian resistance movement (the Ling) are ambushed and wiped out by the Germans on their way to attack the defences. This would suggest that Erik Bergman must have broken under torture and given the information about the upcoming attacks to the Germans - allowing them to know where and when to ambush the resistance men. So the Wing Commander's murder mission was a waste of effort (or at least too late).

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