Continuity mistake: Sandy is fixing the deck with bare feet when Flipper knocks Sandy into the water with his tail, but as he is falling into the water, Sandy has black water shoes on.

Continuity mistake: When Sandy is waiting for the ferry, he is playing with his Gameboy. When he sees Flipper, and tosses the can in, you can see he is still holding the Gameboy. However, when Flipper throws the can back Sandy catches it with both hands and is no longer holding his Gameboy. After he drops the can, we see that the Gameboy is back in his hand.

Continuity mistake: When Sandy, Kim, Porter, Cathy, and Marvin go and look for the site where Dirk had dumped the poison in the ocean, watch Sandy's shirt. Throughout the sequence Sandy switches between two shirts when it is the same day.

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Trivia: In some parts of the film, Sandy is wearing a Smashing Pumpkins T-shirt - Elijah Wood's (Sandy) favourite band.

Uncle Porter: You're going to have to use your brain which is going to hurt because it's the weakest muscle in your body.

Uncle Porter: A piece of advice, Never hurl in front of your woman. Something to live by.

Uncle Porter: To live is to love. All reasons against it. All instincts for it.

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