Collision Course

Continuity mistake: During the "exciting" conclusion, Investigator Natsuo runs toward the villain's vehicle, jumps, and kicks through the windshield. Besides the fact that there are some poor special effects at work, watch this quick shot closely. As he is flying through the air in that split second, the villain's car changes colour! It is quite obvious, as the car goes from a dark red color to dull grey.

Other mistake: Watch closely as Investigator Natsuo kicks through the windshield and kicks the villain in the face. The villain's head caves in like it is made of cardboard.

Continuity mistake: When Costas gets pulled over at the beginning of the movie, he stops the car. Initially, between the brick building and the concrete one there's a road with no cars. In Jay Leno's close-up once he is asked "License and registration, please" behind his big head you can see a black and white car, and a couple police officers on the sidewalk. (00:05:00)

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