Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, pay attention to Evan's girlfriend's glass. When Isaac gets up and goes inside, the amount of liquid in her glass slightly changes between shots.


Continuity mistake: When Millie wakes up at the beginning, in the first shot her comforter is up near her chest. In the next shot, it's instantly down by her knees. And in the next shot, it's instantly up by her waist.


Continuity mistake: Around the time Millie enters shop class, her teacher starts clapping, and he's facing forward towards the class. When it cuts to a closer shot, he's instantly turned partway and is looking at the student who just presented his project.


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Trivia: Clearly a loving nod to Friday the 13th and Halloween movies here as the Butcher wears a mask similar to Jason's hockey mask in the opening scene, seems indestructible like both Jason and Michael, uses almost anything as a weapon and appears out of nowhere when his victims think they're safe.


Trivia: Costume designer Whitney Anne Adams has a cameo as the dinner lady who runs away from The Butcher in the cafeteria scene.

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Millie (Blissfield Butcher): I want my body back.
Blissfield Butcher (Millie): Come and get it.

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