Kyaputen Tsubasa

A Perfect Duo - S1-E8

Audio problem: When Urabe gets in the field to ask to be a substitute, western dubs (verified in the Italian and spanish dubs) have Ryo (or "Bruce") ask him who he is. Ryo knows perfectly well who Urabe is, and they played a friendly match just a couple episodes before too. (00:06:45)

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Kick-Off for the Future - S1-E3

Trivia: International versions change Roberto's message to his coach at San Paulo FC, adding for some reason that he met a girl he fell in love with. This girl is never referenced nor appears, since, well, she does not exist? Roberto mentions that he met Tsubasa instead, who he wants to bring to greatness. (00:12:40)

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Where Is the Rival? - S1-E5

Trivia: When Sanae starts waving the flag she made for Tsubasa, in the background you can see a couple of grossly disproportional characters most likely drawn as a joke by some animator, and even the Road Runner. (00:14:55)

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An Unfair Enemy - S1-E15

Trivia: Probably as a joke from an animator, there's a pig in attendance in the stadium. It appears in one shot, by Roberto Hongo when Tsubasa's mom calls for a hat-trick. (00:18:30)

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