Angel Has Fallen

Factual error: The gas used at the end of the movie to blow up the hospital was nitrogen, but nitrogen is not flammable.

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Suggested correction: The agent in the basement says someone is heating up the liquid nitrogen to an unstable level, but adds that they also have pure oxygen leaking down there, and one spark can cause "these tanks" to explode. We don't know if "these tanks" are the nitrogen or something else that may be explosive, like gas for the emergency generators, and it is the high oxygen levels that make the environment explosive, not the nitrogen, since almost anything burns in a pure oxygen environment.


Oxygen is not explosive. It wouldn't make the environment explosive unless it was combined with a flammable gas. No medical gasses are flammable. It also couldn't be the gas from the generators as the explosions were occuring on each level, not from one central source. Generators are virtually always diesel, which also is very unlikely to explode unless very specific criteria are met.

Factual error: The movie seems utterly ignorant of the 25th Amendment. According to the 25th Amendment, the VP and a majority of the cabinet can declare the president incapacitated if he is not in a position to do so himself, such as the coma Trumball was in. This is a textbook example of why that provision of the amendment was implemented. Yet the movie goes straight from the doctors saying Trumball was in a coma to showing the VP being sworn in as acting president (which is a dubious movie/TV trope on its own). Granted, maybe the implementation of the 25th amendment happened offscreen somehow. But later, an advisor says there's no precedent for a president to resume power from an acting VP. The 25th Amendment actually spells this out - the president submits a written declaration to Congress that he is fit to serve. And there is precedent for this, as both Reagan and Bush43 stepped down temporarily for medical procedures and resumed power shortly after.


Factual error: In several scenes, in particular directly after they kill the FBI agents, several vehicles leave, as viewed from the front. The license plates show them registered in Pennsylvania, however Pennsylvania does not have front license plates. (01:19:09)

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Mike Banning: If you don't train like it's real, you're dead when it is.

Allan Trumbull: It is our moments of struggle, that define us.

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