Broken Arrow

Geronimo: I trust none of it. Four days ago, we were given our territory on a piece of paper. Today, we cannot go into Mexico. The American general says 'No.' Already our territory is smaller. Where will we get corn, blankets, horses if not by taking them from the Mexican as we always have?
Cochise: The American government will give us cattle. We will raise them and trade them for our needs.
Geronimo: The answer of a woman.

Geronimo: Why are you here in our mountains?
Tom Jeffords: I look for gold and silver.
Geronimo: For what?
Tom Jeffords: For 'yellow iron.'.

Cochise: You should always wipe your hands on your arm after eating, tall one. The grease is good for them.
Tom Jeffords: Ah, among the white men, we wash it off.
Cochise: What a waste.

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