The Happytime Murders
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Continuity mistake: When Phil heads to the Puppet Pleasure place early in the film, the positions of the shadows change around the vehicle parked out front in the close up, revealing the time laps between filming each shot. (00:06:30)

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Continuity mistake: A cop walks up to the Lieutenant and tells him the press is here. He says "wonderful" facing that direction. But in the next shot when Phil is asking if he's free to go, the Lieutenant is instantly facing towards him. (00:12:20)

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Continuity mistake: When Phil and Sandra are having sex in his office he starts to shoot his... "silly string" at the door. It cuts to a reaction shot of the cops in the next room then back to him again. Suddenly the string is gone from the door, only for him to be shooting it again and in a different pattern. (00:36:50)

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Trivia: When Melissa McCarthy is leaving the precinct angrily she is pointing to all the police staff and insulting them. However, when she gets to one of the cops, she says "I would have f*cked you", she is actually speaking to her husband in real life, Ben Falcone. (01:01:05)

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Trivia: When Sandra is in the interrogation room, the moment when she uncrosses her legs and "flashes" her genitals to the other characters is an almost shot-for-shot recreation of an infamous scene from the film "Basic Instinct", in which Sharon Stone does the exact same thing.


Trivia: The Jim Henson Company created a new studio specifically for this film - "Henson Alternative." This was to help clarify that the film was aimed an an adult audience, and to distance it from the Jim Henson Company's more family-friendly material.


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Phil Philips: I never knocked a guy out with his own balls before. (00:26:05)

Connie Edwards: Holy shit cakes. (00:25:55)

Connie Edwards: Yeah! I unsew your mother, and made a jacket out of her. (00:11:35)

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