Mile 22

Mile 22 (2018)

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Character mistake: During the opening raid of the FSB safe house, an operator is seen taking hard drives out of a safe. As he does, he states over the radio that they are "SSDs" (Solid State Drives), when in reality they are normal HDDs (Hard Disk Drives), which are noticeably larger than SSDs. (00:07:25)


Continuity mistake: Jimmy Silva's Hk416 has one surefire M300 scout light on the right hand rail (3 o'clock) throughout the movie, but when he enters the apartment complex he all of a sudden has two flashlights on both left and right rails (9 and 3 o'clock). About 30 seconds later when they begin to engage it goes back to one. (01:08:30 - 01:09:05)

Continuity mistake: After the 16 months later mark and they have their conversation about their last mission being a bust, James confronts Alice as she's getting out of the shower. She wraps a towel around her as he says her lead sucks and her arms are behind her back as she does. It cuts to a side angle and suddenly she's tucking the top of her towel in front of her at her chest. (00:19:30)

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John: This... is such shit. This is the worst fucking shit of all the fucked-up shit we've ever seen. This is the shittiest most fucked-up shit...
James Silva: I got it, okay? Relax. Calm down. Go take a little nap.
John: Fuck you. (00:27:05)

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[Inside the US embassy.]
Li Noor: The information on the disc will lead to the safe return of the stolen cesium and to the complete political collapse of the country.
Alice Kerr: Which country?
Li Noor: The country you're currently sitting in. (00:31:55)

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