Continuity mistake: When Woody reacts to the "Blackout Borscht" that the taxidermist has given him, the bowl is on the counter, but in the shot of Woody's head and neck rising into the air, the bowl has suddenly disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When the Taxidermist sees the elevator coming down on him in the elevator shaft, he is wearing nothing on his face, but after a quick cut of the elevator coming down, his glasses appear from nowhere.

Continuity mistake: Woody paints red rings on the bottom of the Taxidermist's coat when preparing for the final attack in the elevator shaft, but before the elevator hits the Taxidermist, the rings have disappeared.

More mistakes in Woody Dines Out

Taxidermist: May I help you?
Woody Woodpecker: Yeah. How about a menu?
Taxidermist: I beg your pardon?
Woody Woodpecker: A menu, menu! M-E-N, men. Y-O-U, you. Menu.

Taxidermist: $100,000! Women. Motorcars. Women. Yachts. Women. Mansions. Women.

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