The Real Ghostbusters

The Boogieman Cometh - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: When the two children visit the Ghostbusters the little girl is wearing a pink pajama top and pink bottoms. In the next scene the pajama bottoms change color and are now orange.

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Trivia: It's noticeable that the series drops in quality in season 3. This is because ABC hired the consulting firm "Q5" to rework their lineup in an attempt to boost ratings. Unfortunately, Q5 seemed to misunderstand the series, and forced the creative team to unnecessarily change it. Their changes included making Janine a blander character and relegating Winston to just being "the driver." The crew hated the changes, which they felt were often racist and sexist. Some even left out of protest.


Janine, You've Changed - S6-E1

Trivia: This episode was written by series story-editor J. Michael Straczynski as an inside joke and meta swipe against the network and consulting firm Q5 for forcing them to soften the character of Janine after the first batch of episodes. Their mandate infuriated all the writers, who preferred the original cynical, snappy Janine. Straczynski making Janine's changes the result of an evil entity reportedly infuriated the network and Q5, who realised that he was essentially calling THEM evil.


Egon Spengler: Notice the vacant stare, the completely mindless look. That could only mean one thing.
Winston Zeddemore (I): She's from California?
Egon Spengler: No. She's been hypnotized.

Peter Venkman (I): It's times like this that I wish I'd listened to what my dad used to tell me.
Winston Zeddemore (I): Yeah? What was that?
Peter Venkman (I): I don't know. I never listened.

Ray Stantz: Oh, Peter. Will you tell me a bedtime story?
Peter Venkman: Okay. Once upon a time there were four Ghostbusters who were trying to catch the Boogeyman but they couldn't because one of them wouldn't shut up and go to sleep. The end.

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