Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Continuity mistake: When April changes into a school girl's outfit to distract Dr. Stockman's assistant, she grabs a miniskirt and ties it around the skirt that she's already wearing. But we never see her take this particular skirt off. It just magically disappears. She is also wearing pantyhose which suddenly changes to over the knee stockings.


Factual error: During the ceremony on Liberty Island at the end of the movie, Chief Vincent wears three stars on the lapel of her dress blouse. In actuality, an NYPD chief would wear stars on her shoulder plate.

Continuity mistake: When April is running with the canister, she has it in her right hand. The part where she has to put her hands on the car, you see it go from her right hand immediately to her left hand in the next shot.


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Trivia: When Casey is looking at Rocksteady's criminal record, his birthday is listed as 1/28/1978. This is actor Stephen Farrelly's, also known as Sheamus, actual birthday.


Trivia: When Jones is asking for Bebop and Rocksteady at the bar, the jukebox plays "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice, he made a cameo in one of the previous TMNT films.


Raphael: Every minute we stay down here, Shredder gets stronger and Mikey gets more annoying.
Donatello: We're training... sort of. As soon as the sun goes down, it's Turtle time.

Shredder: Foot Clan, vanish.

Bebop: Let's rumble, baby.

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Question: Just how would Krang know about Shredder's history with the Turtles?


Question: Why did they replace Shredder and Karai's actors?


Question: At the end, why did the Turtles decide to keep their existence a secret from the public? If they are introduced to them, the city would likely appreciate them for saving the city and seeing them as the greatest heroes.


Answer: It would be nearly impossible for the Turtles to continue their crimefighting crusade if the public knew of their existence. They would become instantly recognizable international "celebrities" who were constantly in the public eye, allowing criminals to avoid and work around them.

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