Movie links

The movie timelineThe entirety of history, as told by movies.
Erreurs de FilmsThe French equivalent of this site
JoBlo movie emporiumNews, reviews, trailers and more
Simply ScriptsComprehensive, searchable database of free downloadable movie scripts and screenplays.
Watch Movies OnlineThe best source for high quality movies.
Cinema em Cena
Urban Legends (movies) page.Puitting to rights a lot of movie myths.
Movie Criticism for the RetardedExcellent review site.
Dark HorizonsMovie news, reviews, name it.
Golden Raspberries
Hollywood USAMovie Capital of the World. In depth guide to Hollywood, including unique information on its celebrities and tourist attractions.

Other stuff

The School Musicals CompanyBrilliant contemporary musicals for schools and drama groups.
Richard Crowe - Formula FitnessPersonal training and fitness advice.
Clever recruitment
Sophie MeacockArtistic styling and design
The Z List Dead ListMonthly live comedy show about obscure characters from history.
Sundays SupplementComedy podcast
Chris SandysOriginal electronica
Al FlemingGreat music with a Scottish theme
Paul KerensaFantastic stand-up comedian and writer
Caroline NewmanTalented actress and singer
Iszi LawrenceGreat UK comic
Mr. Hart's Theatrical Company
Tim SandysVirtual gallery and much more from this excellent artist
Zumba UKGreat exercise!
Valley CIDSA Derbyshire charity, committed to serving children, young people and families.
I-am-bored.comA list of sites for when you're feeling bored
Got boredomThis is the place to go...
OperaBest internet browser by far. You can keep your Chromes and your Firefoxes.
Off the WhaleCreative film advertising company
Pair networksFlawless web hosting.