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This is a black-and-white movie, where a man is staying in a house that is haunted. After a woman in the house takes him to his room, he notices her talking to a painting of a man and then kissing it good night. Earlier in the movie, when the man was saying goodbye to his wife, she didn't want him to touch her, so that her coat and hair wouldn't get dirty/messed up. I think she got on a train, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know what movie this is?

Answer: That would be "Young Frankenstein" with Gene Wilder (the man) and Madeline Kahn (his fiance, not wife). It's directed by Mel Brooks and a classic send-up of the horror genre.

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I am looking for the title of a movie. All I can remember is that it had college kids in it and it was about a legend of a man and his car buried under the football field. Turns out local legend was right and the car existed. They dug the football field up and drove out a red car (possibly 57 Chevy?) and raced/dragged it against another car. I think the movie was made in the 80's or 90's. Any help with the title of this movie would be greatly appreciated as it has baffled me for many years. Thank you.

Answer: The title of the movie is Catch Me If You Can [1989] with Geffory Lewis...

Bear with me, it's been about 8 years since I've seen this movie. I remember something about cyborg teddy bear toys, like plushies, and there was some sort of plot where they were turning evil, not sure if they were lethal or not. But their eyes would turn red and stuff. (Sorry it's not more descriptive; can't think of anything else.) Do you know what the title of the movie is?

Answer: It is an episode from Honey I Shrunk the Kids The TV series. The episode is called Ho eat the Bear is Bad News. I remember this episode back when the show was on TV and one of the stuffed bears became infected with a computer virus and it passed it on to all of the other bears.

Answer: It's possible that it's Gremlins [1984]. Gremlins were little bear-looking creatures that would turn evil when fed after midnight. Water made them multiply.

It can't be gremlins because the Mogwai weren't cyborgs or even looked like a bear and it was only the gremlins that had red eyes.

Answer: Another possible answer is the 1995 horror film "Screamers." One of the titular robots is a red-eyed teddy bear.


No, the screamer is a little boy holding a teddy bear.


I'm looking for the name of a movie I saw on television, I believe sometime between the years of 1984-1989. A family is on vacation in their motorhome and the motorhome crashes off a cliff. I can't recall if there are two children or only one but the child(ren) survive, though the parents die, and they are trapped inside the motorhome. Unfortunately that is all I remember.

Answer: That is a movie with Ricky Schroeder called The Earthling. I remember watching that as a child it still touches my heart.

I would like to know if there is another movie about the Son of Sam besides Summer of Sam. I just watched Summer of Sam on The True channel and the actors and the info about the movie was all wrong. The one I saw was with a very young Martin Sheen or an older Emilio Estevez (that sparked an argument with my husband so I did research and found nothing). Anyone know?

Janice C English

Chosen answer: I think the movie you saw was 'Out of the Darkness' from 1985 with Martin Sheen as Ed Zigo.


I remember awhile ago watching an Anime show which involved aliens or some kind of giant humans invading earth and people going into shelter to avoid them. All I really remember is the main hero using a sort of red armor and the main heroine in the series premier being a little girl who's lost her diary and is upset. When she later grows up, it shows a long-dead alien clutching her diary. Anybody know what this show was called?

Answer: It's an anime known as Robotech Macross Saga. One of the first animes to come to the western shores while maintaining a bit of feel the original version had.

I'm trying to remember the name of a comedy/parody movie. All I can remember is that it was about a martial artist with a talking tongue, and there was also a fighting cow.

Answer: The movie was "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist" from 2002. There is a sequel in the works - "Kung Pow 2: Tongue of Fury."


I am looking for the title of a foreign film I saw in the late 60's or early seventies about a man with three testicles. I believe it may have been an Italian comedy. My recollection was that it was titled "Man of the Year", but I am only coming up with the contemporary movie of the same title.

Answer: There's an Italian comedy from 1971 about an over-sexed man called "Homo Eroticus". The English title is "Man of the Year"


I'm trying to remember a movie - it was either an older movie (1970s) or was made to look like it was older. It had a guy who I think tried to change his identity but someone recognized him. He also had a woman working with him who wore a blond wig. They kidnapped someone and put her in a huge, safe-like locked room in the basement. The woman put on her blond wig and went driving to meet someone and either pick up diamonds or get money or something. The guy started worrying when he realized someone recognized that he was involved in a fire I think in the past.

Answer: This is Hitchcock's last movie "Family Plot."


A few years ago I watched a movie about a young teen and his mother. I thought the mom was Melanie Griffith, but I can't find it on IMDB. They don't get along with her father, but I think she gets some money from him. He becomes friends with a girl about his age, and his mom tells them they can have sex if they like, but to stop if the girl gets her period. Unfortunately, she gets pregnant anyway. When his mom takes her to an abortion clinic, she sees her own mother inside, having gotten an abortion because of an affair. The girl decides to have the baby and keep it. Does anybody know the title and stars? Despite the subject matter, it was tastefully done, and may have been made for TV. The mom had a boyfriend who was very disapproving of her for allowing everything.

Answer: The movie was called "Skipped Parts". The mom was played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. The 2 kids were played by Bug Hall from the Little Rascals movie and Mischa Barton from The O.C.


I'm looking for the title of a horror movie that I saw a long time ago on Showtime. I think it either came out in the late 80s or early 90s. The only things I remember are: A brother and sister are home alone, and one of the brother's friends I think. Something happens in the backyard causing the ground to open, either a big hole or a large earthquake size crack, where demons/monsters come out of. There's one scene where the kids hide in a closet and a tiny flesh colored monster turns into a dozen smaller versions of itself so it can crawl under the door to get to the kids. At the very end of the movie the parents come home and the kids think everything is back to normal but something comes out of the closet, a monster or demon that came out of the backyard, and the kid screams.

Answer: It was called The Gate (1987). A storm knocks over a tree and the brother and sister accidentally preform a ritual that turns the hole into a gate to hell. There was a sequel released in (1992) which was considerably better with better effects.

Grumpy Scot

Hello . I'm looking for the title of a film I saw several years ago but was probably made in the 80s . I'm pretty sure it was French. There were two children, a boy and a girl, who became friends. She would draw what was going to happen and then it would happen and look like her drawing. She would visit him in something like a lighthouse, I think, after drawing it of course. It was very surreal, when she visited him. At some point, it's clear that they are both real and both are extremely ill. I think he may die at the end but she "draws" a place where she can tell him goodbye

Answer: That movie is titled "Paperhouse," is English and is from 1988. Charlotte Burke and Elliot Spiers are the ill boy and girl. I believe it's OOP, but can usually be found on eBay. It's a great movie, btw. A small cult classic.

I remember watching a movie once in which a gangster or criminal of some sort is trying to get a sit-com off the ground, and he has underlings break into people's houses and turn on the show to boost ratings. Possibly starring a famous actor, any help identifying it would be appreciated. Thanks.

Answer: The Ratings Game. Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman just to name 2.


Other than Family Guy, has there been any other TV show that has ever been canceled than brought back, either by popular demand or other reasons?


Chosen answer: There have been several. Buffy the Vampire slayer comes to mind. The network ended Buffy with season 5 with her death. Another network picked it up and had to bring her back to life at the start of season 6 and finally ending the entire series for good with season 7. Also Sliders.


This is very vague, but I once saw a cartoon - either a snippet of a 'loony toon' or a piece of another toon tv show - that involved two horses that fall in love. The male horse walks past the female and his heart pops out and starts beating wildly at the sight of her. I don't remember anything other than that. Anything would be of some help.

Answer: That is a standard scene for falling in love with cartoons. And since horses are very popular in cartoons too, it would be impossible to narrow this down to one cartoon.


I know from "Making of" documentaries etc. that for computer-generated effects (e.g. a monster or a background) they use green-screen or blue-screen. It only ever seems to be these two colours. I don't know anything about computer effects, so why these two colours? (It seems to me it would be easier to animate onto a plain white screen?) Also, why do they sometimes use blue screens and sometimes green? Is there any difference between these two? Thanks.

Answer: When using these screens, the action is filmed in front of them, and then the "background" is added later where the screen was. The choice of color depends on the subject and specific technique used. Blue is normally used for people because human skin has very little blue color to it. Green is used because digital cameras retain more detail in the green color channel and it requires less light. Others include magenta red and orange. Magenta screens are often used with model photography where the model contains both blue and green components. Some examples include: The Matrix (magenta), Apollo 13 (orange) and Air Force One & Predator (red).


There's a movie where a guy is a war correspondent for WWII in the service and falls in love with a nurse. (I think) They go for a picnic on a hill and then he gets killed and at the end she is up on that hill. I want the name of that movie.

Answer: This sounds like the 1955 film, "Love is a Many Splendored Thing," starring William Holden and Jennifer Jones. Holden plays a war correspondent in Hong Kong during the Chinese Civil War. He falls in love with a Eurasian doctor (Jennifer Jones). Everyone opposes their inter-racial romance, which is ended when Holden's character is killed. At the end, Jones is on the hill overlooking Hong Kong.

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I remember an old 80's horror film where the kids use a skeleton key to enter a door in the basement. I also remember the villain was trapped in a statue and gets set free. It's live action. Does anyone know the name of this movie?

Answer: Sounds a little like one of the Hellraiser movies, I believe Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, where a nightclub owner buys a statue, which he stores in his loft. Some adolescents break into the loft (not sure if using skeleton keys, or lockpicks) and mess around with the statue, causing at least one of them to be killed and drawn into the statue as a trapped soul. Later in the film Pinhead is released from the statue, which also housed the souls of other victims.

I am looking for the name of a cartoon, possibly anime, that I saw as a kid in the 1980s. Some things I remember is its about two young unicorns, a good one and a mischievous one. Somehow they end up at the end of the Earth, which appears to be the ocean. One detail is that a black unicorn brings darkness and a white unicorn brings light. Also, the intro shows the mother unicorn and her offspring. Can you help me find the name of this cartoon?

Answer: I think you're talking about The Last Unicorn.

Does anyone remember what the programme was called (UK only) that had a crazy artist painting all the time, and a pair of washing up gloves that made things in front of an audience at a theatre? It was something like 'Zap' or 'Zig Zag', but I can't remember exactly. I know it sounds like a really weird show, but I used to love it.

Answer: Yes! It was called "Zzzap!" - I used to watch it all the time! The artist was called Smarty Arty, played by Neil Buchanan. The hands were called the Hnadymen. There was also other characters, including Daisy Dares You, and Cuthbert Lily (He's Dead Silly), haha! The imdb link is:

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