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In what film does a henchman get paid by the boss whilst standing in a glass tank which floods with coins, killing him?

What's the name of this 70's made for T.V. Movie about a teenaged boy who lived in a closet or the walls of a house? He would sneak out into the house to get food, or someone was feeding him.

Answer: Bad Ronald, 1974.

In what movie does this actor come back years later to remind this girl they were best friends as kids. He finds her sitting in a bar and starts to dance to MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This?

Answer: Sunday at Tiffany's:

Looking for a film could be 80s or 90s but might be earlier. A teenager has a baby boy but gets it taken from her as she was too young - it was seen as wrong and she was forced to adopt the baby out. The boy's adopted mother is nasty to him. In one scene she makes him eat his own sick? I think he might be autistic but not sure. Please help - this has been bugging me for years and I need the name!


Chosen answer: 1992 film called "A child lost forever", starring Beverly D'Angelo. It's a true story. Sometimes Lifetime Network will show it.

I am looking for a movie title that I used to watch as a little girl. I'm thinking it is from the late 80's or early 90's. All I can remember is there is a little girl in a school uniform with short brown hair. She is with a couple men who do bad things. I don't remember if she is the daughter of one of them. At the end one of the men gets shot and she is crying over him. Sorry, that's all I can remember.


Chosen answer: The Three Fugitives.

Can't remember a movie, probably from the 80s, about a family having a funeral on a hillside, sort of like Next of Kin, mountain people go after justice for their loved one?

I am trying to find the name of a particular movie and am not sure how old it is. The plot is this: a husband finds that his wife is sleeping with his best friend. In reaction he begins counting cards in blackjack and building an alternate identity. Ultimately he ends up faking his own death off a bridge and running off with a woman and 1 million dollars. At the airport he switches briefcases with a man in front of him that ends up getting arrested. He then finds millions of dollars in the man's briefcase that he stole.

Answer: Nowhere to Run (1978) [] Plot: A disgruntled husband devises a winning blackjack system as part of an elaborate scheme to leave his overbearing, unfaithful wife and start a new life, despite the fact that she has hired an inept, down-at-the-heels private detective to keep an eye on him. Here's a clip:


I am looking for the name of what I believe to be a TV show that was done in the last 10 years. It is a cop or FBI, CIA kind of show, all I can really recall about it is one episode, which I believe was the first episode. It is a blond girl's first day or first day back to work, I believe first day though, and she gets put on a case where a guy is killing girls on trains. She fits his tastes, so her boss gets her to go riding around on trains trying to get the guy to attack her, it is a big thing - many people are on the case watching her. (There is a dispute to whether or not she should do this because she doesn't have the experience.) Anyway there is a big screw up (they think they got their guy, but he's dead, maybe) and she gets yelled at by one of her bosses and I think she gets fired. On the train ride home she gets attacked by the real killer, and takes him out, I think? I also think it turns out that the boss realised that they got the wrong guy and sent her home so that it would appear that she was alone and desperate because the bad guy knew about the investigation, he was an inside man, or she didn't seem alone and desperate enough to draw out the real killer. That is all I can remember, and to be honest I kind of thought it was Criminal Minds but I watched them all, and it's not. So if anyone knows what the name of the show is, it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm desperate for help remembering this film I watched in my childhood. I'm pretty sure its from the 80s or 90s, probably rated U or 12 and it was an American film. It was about a young girl who was in a car accident with her dad who was driving, it was winter. She enters an imaginary, fantasy world which is the basis of the film. I remember she was wearing a pinky/red coat if that help! Sorry it's so vague! Thank you in advance for your help.


Chosen answer: Babes In Toyland from 1986. A young Drew Barrymore played the little girl in the red coat.

I saw an old movie or TV show when I was a kid, possibly from 60s or 70s but don't know the name. What I do remember is someone changing pictures on a wall that was on a staircase for the purpose of driving a woman insane. I remember she would continue to see different pictures on the wall and think she was losing her mind. Does anyone know the name of this show or movie?

Answer: Rod Serling's Night Gallery pilot episode aired 11-08-69 called "The Cemetery" matches your description except for it being a woman. DESCRIPTION: A black-sheep nephew murders his ailing uncle for the inheritance only to find some disturbing changes in the old man's painting of the family graveyard. Starring Roddy McDowall and Ossie Davis. Hope this helps!

My sister and I watched a film set in the 90's in America, maybe somewhere like New Orleans (Louisiana, Alabama, some kind of place like that). The film is about a family whose daughter is kidnapped and murdered on the first day of her kidnapping, but the murderer states that she is still alive, it has a lot of court room and church based scenes, I can't remember any of the actresses or actors. In the end credits is a picture of a country lane where the girl was snatched from, and when the credits go up the song Amazing Grace is sung.

Answer: Sounds like "Victim Of Beauty: The Dawn Smith Story", with William Devane and Jeri Lynn Ryan (now known as Jeri Ryan). It's based on a true story about a beauty queen who was kidnapped and murdered. Jeri Ryan herself sings "Amazing Grace" (at the end, I believe).

Melanie Elsworthy

I'm dying to remember a movie I saw on TV in the early 80's. It may have been a few years old at the time or a TV movie. I thought the star was Robert Hays, but IMDb doesn't show it. The protagonist had a girlfriend with him (I think). He went to a castle or huge house for some reason, he winds up working on a crack in an external wall (might be the only reason he is there) by bolting metal plates across the cracked stones. There is a butler and the owner (a man around 50ish) There is a crazy woman who tries to kill them. She is either the owner's wife (I think) or sister who is kept hidden away most of the time. In the end, the butler is killed by the woman and the protagonist and his girlfriend escape the castle as it caves in while the woman and the owner fight.


Chosen answer: It's "The Fall of the House of Usher," and is loosely (very loosely) based on an Edgar Allen Poe story. Charlene Tilton is also in it, and it's from 1979.

There is a movie that I watched nearly 6-7 years ago. It was about a young ladies' man who seemingly had a girlfriend. It took place in a country club and there was this one woman of a heavier set that wanted the man badly. The man I remember specifically had sex with his girlfriend in his car but she did something to him before they could finish and it hurt him. The clothes and everything seemed based in the 1900-1920's. The man met a very beautiful, seemingly rich woman that he wanted badly, but she would not sleep with him. Here's the catch, all I remember were flies in a room in her house. There were flies everywhere. Towards the end of the movie he was in a hurry, and he ran into the heavy set woman, kissed her passionately, touched her everywhere then ran away. That's all I remember. Can you please help me?

Tia Knowles

Need help remembering a movie. It's about a young boy whose mom takes in an old man but the boy thinks there's something strange about him. The man tends to sleep a lot in the morning and when the boy gives the guy a pair of binoculars, he looks out the window but gets temporarily blinded when bright light gets into his eyes. Eventually he comes to believe that the old man is a vampire and tries to prove it to his mom. I saw this movie in probably mid to late 80's.

What's the name of the film classic where the two leads meet in a blazing hotel when she had no clothes on?

Answer: The movie is I married a witch. Made in the mid 40's. Fredric March plays a man doomed to miserable marriages. A family curse his ancestor caused by hanging a witch. Veronica Lake plays the witch, who returns to earth, but needs a body for her spirit. She starts a fire at a hotel and possesses a guest. When he plays hero to save her, he finds her naked. Off camera, of course.

I'm looking for a year 2000+ movie about childhood friends, a boy and a girl, that were separated because the girl's family had to move somewhere. Then many years passed, the girl forgot about the promise they made to be together. The boy finally finds the girl but she already had a serious boyfriend. The boy was desperately searching for the girl only to be broken hearted when they met.


When I was younger I watched a lot of Cartoon Craze DVDs. My mom always bought them from the dollar bin at Walmart. There was one movie and I can't remember what it was called. I've been trying to find out what it is for the longest time. Could you help me out? There was a boy and a girl. I think the girl was a peasant or something. There was a bird that would say something like "If you ever need my help just call my name!" Somewhere in it there was this giant robot that enforced some law in these caves. Also at some point in it the boy and girl were running from some people through some stairs and they called for the bird. That is all I can remember. Please help!


I can not remember this movie - the plot was that someone was trying to capture a human soul. A boy dying of cancer was in the movie and so was a girl; it was on the former Sci-Fi channel some time between 1983 and 2000. One of the lines was that when the light pluses she speaks. I have no idea of the title or who was in it.

Answer: You're looking for The Lifeforce Experiment (1994) [], based on Daphne Du Maurier's story "The Breakthrough." There's a detailed write-up at and here's a preview clip:

I'm looking for the title of a movie. I watched it as a kid, on TV, sometime in the 90's. It was based on a mom and her two daughters. The youngest daughter was really into swimming. She walked around with a swimming cap on. I want to say the mom drank a lot, but I don't remember that for sure. I believe the mom went out with a guy that her oldest daughter had a crush on. The older daughter leaves one night with her younger sister, to meet a guy. Possibly the same guy. The younger daughter almost drowns in the river while her sister is up in a tower with the guy. I don't believe the little girl dies. That's about all I can remember. Kind of vague, but I hope someone can help! Thanks!


Chosen answer: The movie is Mermaids (1990). It starred Cher, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci.

Gavin Jackson

Looking for a movie where a man is paid by his landscaper to marry his sister. The man is American and the landscaper and his family are Spanish.

Answer: I think it is called Loco Love.

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