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There's a video clip online of Jennifer Love Hewitt dancing during an audition to be a cheerleader. Does anyone know what movie/TV show it's from? Can't seem to find the info anywhere.

Answer: The movie is from 1998. It is called "Can't Hardly Wait" starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Selma Blair and Seth Green. May alternatively be from TV series The Byrds of Paradise. It ran for one season in the 90's. A midwest family moved to Hawaii. Jennifer played the daughter, who did a hip dance routine as an audition for the cheerleading squad.


Quite a few years ago I watched a movie about a young girl who was called to be a nun. While she was a novice she met a man and fell in love with him. After he left, she left the convent in search of him. While she searched him out she met up with other men who all died before she could get too close. While this young girl was searching, the statue of the madonna disappeared and the town was going through a drought. I have no idea what the name of this movie. Does anyone know what movie I am talking about?

Answer: This is probably The Miracle, starring Carroll Baker. More info is here:

I remember a film as a child and have forgotten the name. A group of children go to stay at their grandparents' house in the country. One day they see a rainbow and decide to go to the end of it. When they get there they see a pot of gold and they meet a leprechaun. At the end of the film all I can remember is the leprechaun character walking off into the sunset with a taller man and the children going back to their parents' house.

Answer: I can't be completely certain, but it sounds like this may be "The Great Land of Small".

Garlonuss Premium member

I remember either a TV series or a movie from at least 8 years ago, I remember an angel (I think this was the main focus of the series/movie) who was rather unorthodox, I remember her smoking, and some scene on a bus (when the angel had completed her task) where she disappears from the bus. Does anyone know what this is?

Answer: Sounds similar to the 1987 film, 'Maid to Order' with Ally Sheedy and Beverly D' Angelo. D' Angelo played an angel who helped spoiled rich girl, Sheedy, mend her selfish ways. Or there is a TV movie titled Young Again. Robert Urich plays a man in a mid-life crisis, who wishes to be young again. He mets a mysterious man in white on a bus who grants his wish.

raywest Premium member

I remember an animated movie that I saw in the early/mid 1980's. I believe it aired on the Disney Channel (though I'm pretty sure it wasn't a Disney production) and the animation style vaguely reminds me of The Hobbit animated movie. Here's what I can remember about the plot: a young child (a boy?) watches everyone he knows, family, friends, etc., get turned into odd wooden-block-like marionettes. He follows them on a long journey, always evading detection of the evil force turning all people into these block-monsters, searching for a way to return humanity to normal. He journeys along, trying to save his family from their good-as-dead fate, meeting with little success. The marionettes are being marched toward the ocean, and when they arrive, they all begin assembling themselves into buildings or boats or something. Near the end, the boy, who is the last person alive and the only one who can save the day, gets captured/infected/etc. and becomes one of the mindless wooden block marionette creatures as well. I seem to remember that after this, the viewer is shown the marionette's long (10-15 minute?) death-march to the sea, in complete silence. So, evil wins and the long marching lines of wooden block creatures assemble themselves into structures in a terribly disturbing and quiet scene. I sincerely hope someone can name this movie, because I can't find information about it on IMDb or the general internet, and it's driving me crazy.

Answer: The name of the movie is "Unico in the Island of Magic". It's been driving me crazy for the last 15 years too but finally found it.

Only one film has had the "Universal Pictures" logo removed before the titles (not including films such as Jurassic Park and Waterworld that used variations of the logo). Does anyone know what it is?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: I think that was John Carpenter's the THING. He mentions that in the commentary on the new DVD.

James Rowell

How exactly does film crediting work? I know of several examples where a "major" actor/actress is in the film, but is not credited. (Whoopie Goldberg in Star Trek Generations, for example). How can someone be "introduced" if they've been major players in earlier films? (Julia Roberts in Ocean's 11 & 12).


Chosen answer: The Julia Roberts thing in Ocean's 11 & 12 was a joke by the writers. Credits usually work on the theory that the first person listed is the most important role in the film, and the 'good guy' is listed first. (Example, Robert De Niro is credited before Al Pacino in 'Heat' - both top class actors but De Niro is the good guy. Same with Face/Off with Nicholas Cage and John Travolta). Some actors/actresses don't want their names listed in the credits, usually because they don't want the film/TV show to sell on their name alone. One more interesting fact - in Se7en, Kevin Spacey's name isn't listed on the opening credits, or any of the posters/promotional material surrounding the film, but in the ending credits he recieves top billing. He agreed not to have his name in the opening credits/promotional stuff as he wanted his appearance as the bad guy to be a suprise to people (thus they don't know who the bad guy is) - but he did this on the understanding he'd recieve top billing in the end credits. Ultimately all unusual credits (cameos, etc.) are generally decided on a case by case basis.

Sam Johnson

I saw a movie about 20 years ago on TV, I remember thinking it was an old movie at the time. All I remember is that a girl goes to Heaven looking for her father (she has not died) and Heaven is full of children waiting to be born. At the end she is walking down the road with her father.


Chosen answer: The movie was "The Blue Bird" which was made in 1940 staring Shirley Temple.


I'm looking for the name of a scary movie. What I remember is that there is a trapdoor in the floor and something/someone is trying to get out. There are two children who are sitting on a table on top of a rug over the door. I believe there was also an old man with the kids.

Answer: I think that this movie is "The People under the stairs".

Does anybody know of a film set in the old cold war times? It is about a communist girl falling in love with a capitalist boy in the split Germany. A friend told me about this movie and I need to know the name of it. Thanks.

Answer: Maybe the Billy Wilder film "One, two, three"?

There was a children's television programme that was on British TV in the late 1980s/early 1990s. The characters were all puppets and included a large talking cauldron which had a dark green face, a strange silver/red monster that lived in the cauldron and had a very posh voice, a creature that looked a bit like Alf with bat wings, and a venus flytrap that I think was called Colin. Can anyone tell me what it was called?

Answer: This sounds a lot like Grotbags, the Rod Hull Spin-Off. Not all the characters were puppets - Grotbags was played by an actress - but I think they match the descriptions above..

Moose Premium member

I've noticed this in almost every cartoon I've seen, but recently I've noticed it in a lot of films too. whenever a character/actor is reading a book, they're always turning the pages the wrong way (as if they're reading the book backwards). This would go against the actors (and animators) basic reactions to reading a book, so why does it appear so often? Is it a sort of in-joke like the Wilhelm scream?

Gary O'Reilly

Chosen answer: It is most likely because the film has been flipped, showing a "mirror image".

Phixius Premium member

There was this cartoon (I think?) series in the 80's (maybe late) in the US that had one girl and two boys searching for lands of gold. The only other thing I remember is that one of the boys had a vase/pot that had broken lines on it that glowed for some reason. Any ideas?

shortdanzr Premium member

Chosen answer: Sounds like "The Mysterious Cities of Gold".

Grumpy Scot

I remember a cartoon show about a cat that every time he said a number from 1 to 9 a phantom ghost appeared to make him suffer. What was the name of that cartoon?

Answer: Fraidy Cat:


What was the first TV show to sell a DVD box sets of each series?

Answer: It was "The X-Files" season 1.

Mister Ed

Many years ago I saw a cartoon where an old animal was telling the story of what happened to mankind. He told of a world war and the last scene is one soldier left in each side's trench. The first soldier shoots the second, but the second shoots the first before dying, thereby ending the human race. I think the last shot was one of the soldiers sinking into the mud of the trench. What is the title or production company of the cartoon?

Answer: It was called "Peace on Earth" - here's the IMDb link:

James Rowell

I'm trying to find out the name of a television show that I watched in the early to mid-1980's. The only details I remember are that there was group of teenagers that worked on a newspaper and they would often get transported to a different time or area where a "bad guy" was always trying to get to them. Anybody have an idea?

Answer: I think it was "Read all about it." It may have been a Children's Televison Workshop production. Mind you that's just a guess.

James Rowell

I remember watching a couple of tv shows at school in the early 90's. The first was about a bird, I think it was a Kite, and a bloke was after it because he collected bird eggs etc, and a couple of young kids were trying to stop him. In one episode they found loads of eggs and stuffed birds in the back of his shop I think. The second was about some sort of alien, and I think he came out of the sea or lived by the sea or something. There was a computer involved somehow, again with a couple of young kids.

Kayleigh Green

Chosen answer: It sounds a lot like you're talking about an old staple of school programming called. "Look and Read". The first story is Skyhunter and the bird in question was a peregrine falcon. I can't recall the second one, but the first is definitely Skyhunter.

Blue Phoenix

I remember a cartoon a while ago, I think involving Bugs Bunny, where he had a magic wand and was being chased by someone (I'm almost sure NOT Elmer Fudd), ending up in an opera. The climax was the chaser singing on stage while Bugs (or whoever) kept using the magic wand and changing the singer's costume. Any ideas what this cartoon was called?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: It was not a bugs Bunny cartoon. It was a Tex Avery cartoon. Tex Avery's Musical Maestro (1951) Here is the write up:


I remember watching a TV programme when I was at primary school. It will have been around the early 1990's. All I can remember from it was that it featured somebody at a keyboard typing in the word "qwertyuiop" and I remember that something happened after they typed it in. Please, please can somebody help me by telling me the title of the programme or what actually happened when they typed in "qwertyuiop"?

David Hutchinson

Chosen answer: I think you are referring to Storyworld, an ITV schools programme in which Tony Robinson ("Baldric" from the Blackadder series) used the magic word qwertyuiop to bring stories to life.

David H

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