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I once watched a film and the only scene I can remember was an actor making homemade pipe bombs and then setting them up around a house.

Answer: I believe it might be the movie Tremors (1990).


I am looking for a movie title I saw in the late 1980s. It is about a man who has escaped from an insane asylum. He is accused of being a pathological liar, but it turns out everything he has said is true. I think it ends showing him leaving town on a bus, and I think it might start with him arriving in town on a bus. Can anyone help me with the title to this film?


Chosen answer: This sounds similar to the 1984 film, "Choose Me" starring Keith Carradine and Genevieve Bujold. It was directed by Alan Rudolf.

raywest Premium member

I am looking for the name of a movie about a grizzly bear trying to get honey for her cubs, and gets hit in the head by a rock and dies.

Answer: The Bear (1988) directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. The mother bear is burrowing on a mountainside and is killed by a large falling rock from a rockslide.

Sierra1 Premium member

I would like to know the film where a well-liked teacher is giving a lecture, and while talking he sits on the edge of the stage. He then gets down and sits with the students, and tells them he don't feel well, before he collapses and dies. Can anyone help?

Answer: I'm thinking you could be talking about Richard Gere's movie "Hachi - A Dog's Tale". In the movie, Richard plays a teacher/lecturer and in one scene, he dies in front of his class. Hope this is the one.

I'm looking for a french movie about a guy who doesn't fit in and no one cares about him except for his counselor. They decide to move to Ireland to start a new life and a lot of trouble happens. I think the movie is fairly new and on the cover of the DVD there were two skinheads.

Answer: I think the movie you're looking for is "our day will come" (notre jour viendra).

My brother and I have been trying to remember the name of an animated children's movie we saw that was made possibly during the late 80s or early 90s. We can't remember the protagonists. However, we recall the antagonists being a man who I believe dressed in black and his daughter, who I think was named Ivy and wore a green dress. She was able to control vines. I also think they lived in a castle or at least a similar dwelling.

Answer: I might be wrong, but this awfully sounds like it could be an episode from any Batman animated show featuring Poison Ivy as the villain. I don't know about her working with her father, but she does collaborate with other villains and often has henchmen, and usually lives in a castle/greenhouse/remote laboratory. See

I watched a Lifetime movie a few years ago, I don't know what it's called, but this is how it goes. There was a couple who were married and had a baby only I think it died, no clue why, anyways I believe they move to a new house. Only weird things start happening, like things moving on their own, baby cries stuff like that, only it was only apparent to the woman. She ends up contacting a seer, who tells the family that it indeed is a baby ghost, who has latched onto the woman thinking she is his mom. The woman ends up setting fire to the house after the guy left, and died to be the baby's mom. Does anyone know the name of this movie? Thanks.


Chosen answer: Its called The Crying Child.

I saw a movie quite a few years ago now, I think it was a TV movie. It was about a girl who was raped on her way home from work (waitressing, I think) and became pregnant, I think her father didn't believe it and thought she was just a slut. A guy who she liked started seeing her, feeling pity for her and they married. I believe they went on to have another child. After tests to find a donor match when one of the kids falls sick, it transpires that her husband is the person who raped her years earlier. I'm sure she has a children's book published near the end of the movie, something along the lines of 'the magic quilt'. Can anyone help with a title?


Chosen answer: I think the movie is called Sin & Redemption. It was a Lifetime TV movie starring Richard Greico and Cynthia Gibb.

af4dable Premium member

I am trying to remember the name of a movie released in the 80's and maybe early 90's where the main actor wakes up in the morning and does not recall what happened the night. The setting was in Los Angeles (the Valley maybe). Anyone can help?

Answer: It could be Clean Slate (1994) with Dana Carvey.

Gavin Jackson

I'm looking for a TV movie, but I only remember certain parts. I think it might be a story set in the real world that parallels a fantasy world. I remember towards the end there is someone in the real world, possibly a mother, who is trying to drown someone in a bath tub. In the fantasy world, there is an evil queen who throws some sort of party and means to give all of the guests a potion that will kill them, but the potion gets switched out for a sleeping potion. I also vaguely remember a talking pearl at some point in the movie. I know it's not a lot to go on, but any ideas would be very helpful.

Answer: The 10th Kingdom.

scaryterri Premium member

Saw a movie in the late 90's or in the early 2000's. An adventure about an elder man and a kid (maybe two kids) that finds or are in possession of something - a book or medallion or something that made things from the past appear in their time. I remember lions and a hunter chasing them with bad intents. A lot of other things chased them as well, but I remembered those things specifically. I only remember one particular scene which involves the hunter entering a weapons shop trying to buy ammunition for his old rifle, and the clerk clarifies that the round the hunter displays has not been for sale in a long time.


Chosen answer: Sounds like Jumanji, starring Robin Williams. (

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

I can't remember the name of a film I watched some years ago. It was on TV, very late at night, I think it started on a boat where the woman and man were having a nice time, they go to sleep and when the woman wakes up the man is gone. She looks around on the boat for him but can't find him, on the deck there are bloody footprint leading to the edge of the boat. She assumes he gone overboard. The police question her but believe she killed the man. I remember the man isn't actually dead and she tracks him down and finds him and I think they had a daughter that he took with him when he disappeared.

Answer: That's the movie "Double Jeopardy" starring Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones.

Grumpy Scot

I am looking for the name of a dubbed French or possibly Italian film that I viewed as a youngster in the 60s or early 70s. Concerned everyday life in a city neighbourhood, where a not too bright middle aged man manages to know all the right answers to quizzes. Eventually he becomes a minor celebrity and everybody from politicians to business leaders seeks his advice.


Chosen answer: Sounds like "Being There," starring Peter Sellers. (

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

I am trying to remember a film that I think takes place at a summer camp (or at least some place with lot of kids). In it there is a scene where several boys fake a groin injury so the attractive female nurse will touch them.


Chosen answer: The scene you describe makes me think of the 1985 TV movie "Poison Ivy," starring Michael J. Fox (, or maybe the 1984 film "Oddballs".

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

There is a movie I can't remember much of, and it's driving me bonkers. I think it is a parody of superhero movies, but I'm not sure. I only remember two scenes: in one, a guy opens a 'tornado in a can.'I think the can was green with white letters. In another, a man literally gets fried on a chair by the villain. Can anyone help me remember the name of this movie?

Answer: "Mystery Men," starring Ben Stiller and Geoffrey Rush. (

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

A clothed man is running on a beach being chased by huge balls. They seem to be giant inflatable balls, all yellow, with evil purpose. He is older and not athletic and I have the image of Peter Davison which makes me think its from a Doctor Who episode. I've searched every Doctor Who episode though and cannot find the scene. Does anyone know what episode or movie this is from?

Answer: If the ball is white rather than yellow, it could be "The Prisoner," starring Patrick McGoohan. (

Captain Defenestrator Premium member

I saw this film about twenty years ago and was wondering if anyone else has any idea of information on it. It was black and white about a fort set in old west and it was a comedy. It had a song saying something like "if you could only hear the hoofbeats on the ground" which was accompanied with footage of a horse running. Anything that comes to mind would be greatly appreciated. I saw it one time with my mom and the ten year anniversary of her death is coming up, and I would like to watch it again. Thanks.


Chosen answer: I saw it over fifty years ago on TV. I think the film was called, "The Slaughter Trail". It was an strange western with almost wall-to-wall singing in place of narration or dialogue. The main chorus went something like, "You could only hear the sound of the hoofbeats on the ground as the horses went down the Slaughter Trail". The tune of that line burned itself into my memory, but I remember nothing else about the movie.

Does anyone know the film about two children, a boy and a girl, who go on an adventure with nanny/babysitter. I can remember the boy sings at the table, "What do we want? Breakfast! When do we want it? Now.

Answer: This sounds similar to "Adventures in Babysitting" (1987) starring Elizabeth Shue.

raywest Premium member

I'm looking for a movie about a boy who always dreamed of a circus in his backyard. As he gets older he becomes sick and is in a wheelchair. So his family gives him a present and surprises him with a circus in his backyard.


Chosen answer: That sounds like "My Life" with Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman. He's been diagnosed with cancer, she's pregnant, and he's not certain he'll live to see the birth of his child. Throughout the movie we get flashbacks to moments from his past as he deals with his condition and makes peace with the skeletons in his closet.

Garlonuss Premium member

This has been driving me crazy! I want to watch a movie that I saw about 10 years ago, but don't remember the title or actors. Briefly, a man's wife and child have just been murdered, and the murderer commits suicide right after. During his grieving the man stumbles upon a home video of his child taping his wife driving. The man that murders his family is shown on tape jumping out in front of the car and saves them from an accident. Turns out that the man who killed his wife and child had gotten the ability to see when people were about to die, and they would be shown with a bright aura around them. However, anyone he saves from death becomes demonic and starts killing people. When the man realizes this he goes back and kills everyone he's saved, thus explaining why he murdered his wife and child. Sound familiar to anyone? I really hope so 'cause this has been driving me insane.


Chosen answer: White Noise 2.

Grumpy Scot

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